Dear students,   


Warm greetings from Winona State University and congratulations!  We are delighted that you will join the English Language Center (ELC) at Winona State University in the summer semester of 2014.   In order to make your arrival to the university smooth and pleasant, please take a moment to read the following information very carefully.

Before you arrive:

  • Please inform us of your arrival date and time by sending an email to elc@winona.edu

  • Please inform us of your preference of a Mac or a PC for a laptop computer.  Students who are taking a full load of ELC classes are not required to lease one from the university, but every student must have a laptop computer for classes.  Our recommendation is that you lease one if you do not have one or have one that is outdated.

Reporting Date:

  • The summer  orientation are June 26 and 27 (schedule to be posted soon), and classes start on June 30. We ask that you arrive before that to give yourself a few days to get settled in, rest and get over the jet leg.

  • Please inform us of your arrival date and time by emailing us at elc@winona.edu

On-campus housing:

  • Students enrolled in the summer program are required to live on campus.  we will make the housing reservation for you.
  • When you arrive, please directly check in with the RA in the New Hall. Contact information of the RA will be posted here soon.

ELC office hours:

  • The ELC office is located in Minne Hall 107.  The office will open from 8am to 6:30pm on June 26, 27.  Please stop by the ELC office and let us know that you have arrived.  If you arrive late at night, check in with us the following day.

Additional information:

  • Sheets, pillows and other bedding needs are not provided by WSU housing. You can either bring a few or purchase at the store here or purchase on line through WSU housing website.
  • It is warm in Minnesota at this time of the year, but winter months can be cold.

Important phone numbers:

1.       Winona State University housing:  1.507.457.5305.

2.       Winona State University International Services office:1.507.457.5303.

3.       The ELC office:1.507.457.5442.

For more information about arrival tips, please read the Arrival Booklet