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The English Language Center offers classes in the fall, spring, and summer semester. All courses at the center are noncredit bearing.  Depending on the number of students in a semester, the ELC offers up to five levels of classes.  Upon admission to the ELC, students will be given a test to determine their level of the English language proficiency. Based on the students’ test results, they will be placed in classes of an appropriate level.

Fall and Spring Semester

The ELC offers a 16-week intensive program during the fall and spring semester. The fall semester starts the last week of August. The spring semester starts in the middle of January.

During the fall and spring semester, students are

  • Enrolled in five courses
  • Required to have 20 hours of ESL instruction each week
  • Encouraged to participate in at least one hour of cultural activities and one hour of after-class tutoring. 

Summer Semester

Each summer, the ELC offers a six-week intensive English language program. Classes generally start the last week in June and end in the first week of August.

During the summer semester, students are

  • Enrolled in four courses
  • Required to have 26.5 hours of ESL instruction each week
  • Encouraged to participate in at least two hours of cultural activities and two hours of after-class tutoring.

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program provides advanced-level students with an opportunity to start regular credit-bearing courses at WSU while continuing to take courses in the ELC.

Students must have the instructors' recommendation and have the approval from the Program Coordinator of the ELC. Normally, a bridge student takes two assigned ELC courses and two credit-bearing courses of his or her choice during a semester. Credit bearing courses cannot exceed 7 credit hours.

Customized Program

The ELC can customize programs for universities and institutions that wish to send students to the ELC in groups.  Customized programs can be offered during any semester throughout the year.  Please contact 507-457-5442 or email us at for more information.