Fire Procedures

Familiarize yourself with the location of fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers and exits in your vicinity.

  • If you see or smell smoke immediately pull the nearest fire alarm, leave the building, and contact the Winona Fire Department (911) from a safe area. Be prepared to give the following information:
    • Location of fire
    • Building and room number (if known)
    • Your name and telephone number
    • Stay on the line until the dispatcher releases you
  • The person reporting the fire should remain in the vicinity outside the building to supply information upon request to the Winona Fire Department
  • Always take fire alarms seriously. When a fire alarm has been activated, everyone is to evacuate the building immediately
  • Note: Persons who do not leave the building when a fire alarm is sounded may be subject to disciplinary action and/or possible criminal charges
  • Evacuate all rooms, closing all doors to confine the fire. Do not lock doors. Check doors for heat before opening. Open doors slowly and check for smoke.
  • Fire doors leading into stairwell landings should be closed
  • Do not attempt to put out a fire if you are endangering your own safety or the safety of others
  • Do not use elevators. Power may fail causing the elevators to stop between floors or elevator doors may open onto the fire floor
  • Disabled persons who are unable to move down the stairwells should move to a stairwell. Caution should be used as to not block traffic.
  • Immediately notify rescue personnel of any persons left in the building along with their locations

Note: If you become trapped in a building during a fire and a window is available place an article of clothing outside the window as a marker for rescue personnel. If there is no window, stay near the floor where the air will be less toxic. Seal up the cracks around the door using pieces of clothing or whatever is handy. Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency personnel of your location.

Caution: Building fire alarms may stop ringing. If they stop, do not return to the building unless notified by the Winona Fire Department or Winona State University Security.