Dr. Andrea Wood

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Dr. Andrea Wood
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PhD University of Florida

Andrea Wood teaches courses on film, comics and animation, popular genres, new media, LGBTQ literature, and service learning.

Having lived and traveled all over the world, Andrea Wood completed her BA at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and her MSc in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh.  After taking a one-year hiatus from her studies to teach English in Japan, Wood returned to the United States and completed a PhD in English at the University of Florida.

Dr. Wood considers herself an interdisciplinary humanities scholar with diverse research interests in transnational comics and animation, popular genres, new media, LGBTQ literature and film, feminist and queer theory, and fandom studies. She has published an article on queer manga in Women’s Studies Quarterly, which is being reprinted in the forthcoming Blackwell anthology Global Visual Cultures.  She also has two different articles forthcoming in Feminist Studies and in the edited collection Over the Rainbow: Queer Children’s Literature from University of Michigan Press. 

Dr. Wood is currently preparing her book manuscript, Radicalizing Romance: Subculture, Sex, and Media at the Margins, for publication.  Her next book-length project will explore how visions of zombie apocalypse in horror films, graphic novels, popular fiction, and videogames manifest and transgress cultural anxieties and fears about sexual and reproductive agency, racialized and gendered Others, disease pandemic, and scientific and technological advancements against the backdrop of decomposing social, national, and global landscapes.

In her free time, Dr. Wood enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, and watching horror movies and Japanese anime.