Advertised Bids

The Facilities Planning and Construction Office solicits bids for construction projects using MnSCU's E-Plan Room.  To view and/or obtain plans and specifications for upcoming projects, go to the MnSCU Advertisement for Bids (E-Plan Room).  Click the E-Plan link to view and download bid documents. The sales of paper copies for projects listed on this site are not available.

RFP for an Comprehensive Master Plan

WSU has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Consultant Services for a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Winona State University. The RFP document follows, and includes all information available to Vendors. In addition to this RFP, Venders are encouraged to review WSU's current Master Plan (PDF). Any changes to the RFP, questions and answers related to this RFP, or any addenda issued to this RFP will be posted on this page. Thus interested Vendors should check back frequently for any updates.