WSU Campus Comprehensive Master Plan

With the assistance of Collaborative Design Group, Inc., WSU developed our 2010 Campus Comprehensive Master Plan.

This master plan was developed to support the short and long term goals of Winona State University and its mission.  The document includes information about our existing buildings, facilities and property, and how each is used by WSU currently.  The document also begins to explore options for future expansion, growth or changes for the future as they relate to the mission.

Master plans of this nature are intended to be guidelines for an institution, and not a hard and fast rule.  Hence, MnSCU institutions are asked to revisit and update master plans every five years, to ensure the plans align with the ever-changing goals and expectations of the institutions.

WSU is currently working on a new campus-wide master plan. WSU has undergone a lot of changes in leadership in the recent past, and thus we are anticipating our next campus master plan defining our direction to reflect these changes alongside our goals for the future.  We anticipate working through developing our next campus master plan throughout the next year, with a preliminary completion and implementation date in January 2016.