Current/Ongoing Projects

Kryzsko Commons Renovation & Addition Project

The Kryzsko Commons Renovation & Addition Project will include a small expansion to the East side of the building, with extensive interior renovation to the Phase 3 portion of the building (including the existing Bookstore and Baldwin Lounge).  

Lourdes Hall Partial Re-roof

Construction work on the Lourdes roof

Over Summer 2014, WSU will complete another phase of roof replacement on Lourdes Hall. This project will include a complete replacement of the roof deck and clay tile roof system of the upper portion of the roof. The project will also replace the gutters and downspouts that serve these roof areas and will include new snow guards to protect the entries below. Masonry wall areas will be repaired and tuck pointed behind the gutter areas as needed. After completing this work in 2014, WSU will be 80% complete with roof and gutter replacement on this building.  

Sheehan Hall North Wall Tuck Pointing and Window Replacement

Building repairs are being made on Sheehan Hall's north wall.

Summer 2014 brings the next phase of exterior renovation work on Sheehan Hall. This project is a continuation of Sheehan Hall's exterior renovation to include full tuck pointing, lintel and shelf angle replacement and repairs and full window unit replacement in each resident room. After completing the north wall work, WSU will be 75% complete with bringing Sheehan Hall up to building code requirements for windows within a high-rise building and lower energy costs and usage.

Stark Hall Nursing Simulation Lab Renovation

The Nursing Simulation Lab in Stark Hall will undergo a renovation and upgrade during the 2014 summer. When complete, this lab will offer hands-on-training in real life simulations for WSU nursing students.

East Lake Apartments - Building B

During the summer of 2014, East Lake Apartments Building B will have new carpet installed along with a fresh coat of paint in 25 apartments. East Lake Apartments continue to be a popular choice for WSU students so keeping the buildings in a well-maintained condition remains a top priority for WSU. Each summer, WSU takes one of the four apartment buildings offline to create an opportunity to address ongoing maintenance and building improvements.

Pedestrian Tunnel Project

Conceptualized as a joint venture between WSU, CP Rail, MnDOT and the City of Winona, the Pedestrian Tunnel Project has been under development since 2008. To date a number of steps have been completed, though the bulk of the transformation is yet to come.