Pat Ferden, Counseling and Wellness Services Chair

During this time of Thanksgiving, I am inspired and uplifted by the people who have been so generous in supporting our great new Integrated Wellness Complex

From the time it was conceived to the time of delivery was seven years of hard work from so many people. Walking into this building is an exhilarating experience. The intent was to have people “feel better” just walking into the facility. I hear students say that exact phrase when they talk about coming to the IWC.

The Counseling and Wellness Services area has experienced an increase in the number of students who come for assistance. They often come in their workout clothes since they either just worked out or are going to work out after their session. We are made aware that being able to make appointments at one desk for Health, Counseling and Wellness services along with appointments for the nutritionist is an efficient and welcomed opportunity. We have achieved the idea of a healthy model for service.

It is fun to walk in the building any time of the day and see students in the fitness studio, on the running track, in the weight room or in the aerobic area working out. In this facility they are able to realize their total wellness through fitness, the pharmacy, health and counseling services and of course attend health and wellness classes.

I encourage you to visit and use the Integrated Wellness Complex. It is a great addition to our campus and, if this is an opportune time for you, your monetary gift would be so well received for this project for improving the health and wellness of all who use it!

-- Pat Ferden, Counseling and Wellness Services Chair

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