Consortium Agreement Instructions

Instructions for Completing the Consortium Agreement for Schools Within MnSCU

  • Complete the online consortium agreement for each semester after you register at a visiting school (another MnSCU school).  The coursework you are intending to take must apply toward your WSU degree in order to qualify for Financial Aid.  The coursework is included by WSU in your total number of enrolled credits, for that term, for financial aid purposes.  If your coursework does not apply towards your WSU degree, it is not included in your number of enrolled credits for financial aid purposes.
  • If you intend to enroll entirely at another MnSCU while continuing to receive financial aid from WSU, read additional information included in When to Use a Consortium Agreement.
  • After you submit the consortium agreement, if you change your enrollment plans, please complete another agreement with update information.  Any change in enrollment can impact financial aid disbursement.  Please let us know to insure accuracy.
  • WSU is considered the Home School in instances where students are admitted to WSU as degree seeking and thus able to receive their financial aid through WSU.  The other MnSCU school(s) you attend are considered the Visiting School(s).  The visiting school does not administer financial aid for the term, and is not the school from which you will receive your degree.

Payment of Aid

When aid is disbursed it is applied to your WSU student account to pay any WSU bill for the semester.  After the WSU bill is paid, if there is a credit balance it is direct deposited into your bank account.  You pay the visiting school with these direct deposited funds.  You are able to set up your WSU Direct Deposit Online.

Please remember to periodically check your WSU email since this is the only email used for official communication with your on matters regarding official university business.

When to Use a Consortium Agreement

In some cases, you could be enrolled entirely at another school with no enrolled WSU credits and still receive financial aid through WSU with a consortium agreement.  Credits must be able to be transferred to WSU after the semester is complete and be applicable toward your degree.  Some common examples are:

  • Study abroad through another MnSCU school's program.
  • Student teaching through another MnSCU school.
  • Criminal Justice skills program at another MnSCU school.
  • You were enrolled full-time at WSU spring semester and enrolled full-time at WSU for the upcoming fall semester, but are taking a few credits at another MnSCU school during the summer.

      If you are involved in any of these programs be sure that you do not graduate from WSU before the consortium agreement semester is over.  Remember that you need to be degree seeking at WSU in order for WSU to fund any form of financial aid.  Once you have graduated from WSU you are no longer a degree seeking WSU student.  If you are part of any of these programs, you cannot be funded by WSU financial aid if you graduate from WSU before the consortium agreement semester is over.

      If you are not enrolled in one of these programs but plan to take all of you credits  at another MnSCU school, the consortium agreement might not be right for you.  Before submitting a consortium agreement to WSU, check with the Financial Aid Office at the school you will be attending to see whether that school should be funding your enrollment.

      Consortium Agreement Form

      **Note that student attending summer session courses must also complete a summer financial aid application which will be available starting March 1, 2013.