WSU Scholarships

WSU Academic Achievement Scholarships

Winona awards more than a half-million dollars annually in academic scholarships to highly qualified students. These prestigious awards, which can amount to as much as $3,500 each, are based on academic merit and potential. All Winona applicants are automatically considered for the academic achievement scholarships. This means there is no extra paperwork to complete - and you will be guaranteed the money for which you qualify. WSU Academic Scholarships.

Scholarships Awarded by the WSU Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office selects the recipients for scholarships totaling more than $60,000. Awards are based on the demonstrated financial need and academic standing of the student. The only application required or accepted for these scholarships is the application for student aid, FAFSA. All students who submit this needs analysis report to WSU receive scholarship consideration based on their test scores and/or cumulative grade point average combined with their financial need. Amounts vary from $100 to $1500. Financial aid applications should be filed as soon as possible after January 1.

WSU Foundation Scholarships

WSU Foundation Scholarship recipients are selected by the WSU Foundation Scholarship Committee. They are charged to seek excellence in qualities of mind and in qualities of person, and their goal is to make an investment in individuals.

Outside Scholarships

Each year WSU students also receive thousands of dollars in scholarships from outside sources such as government agencies, professional organizations, civic groups, corporations, sororities and fraternities, foundations, religious groups, educational associations and military/veterans organizations. Directories of these scholarship sources are available in public libraries, high school counselor offices and financial aid offices.

Minnesota Indian Scholarship

The Minnesota Indian Scholarship provides postsecondary financial assistance to eligible Minnesota resident students who are one-fourth or more Indian ancestry and demonstrate financial need for an award.  Scholarships are available to eligible Indian undergraduate students enrolled at least 3/4 time and graduate students enrolled at least half time.  Interested students should complete the Minnesota Indian Scholarship application.  They should also complete the FAFSA and an application for tribal education funds.  Tribal Education and Scholarship Programs.

Free Scholarship Searches and Resources

You may also access scholarship information on the internet at: Get Ready for CollegeFinancial Aid website, FinAid! and the Scholarships website.  Be wary of any scholarship search offer that charges fees, asks for credit cards or checking account information, or guarantees scholarships.  Unless disbursement instructions are received from the donor, scholarships are applied to the student account in even increment, half for fall and half for spring.