First generation female students sitting on campus lawn

First-Gen Club

Interested in joining the First-Gen Warrior Club?  It’s easy to join!  Send us an email and we will send you information. 

Being a new college student is exciting and overwhelming.  You are in a new environment with new teachers, new classmates and new challenges, but you are not alone!

“It seemed like everyone knew what to do the first week of school except me.” ~ Christine M.

The First-Gen Warrior Club is an opportunity for all first generation students to get connected, ask questions, make new friends and enjoy the campus experience.   

“Everyone from my dorm floor went to play volleyball one night and I didn’t go because I wasn’t sure where they were playing or if it cost money – I didn’t realize there was a gym on campus and that students could go for free.” ~ Tammy Z.

There are a handful of people who glide into the college experience effortlessly and seem to know half the people on campus by the end of their third day. Don't worry about them, they are the minority! Most people feel awkward when they arrive on campus and are anxious about making friends.  It is ok to put on a brave face but remember; most of your classmates are nervous too.  The best way to make friends is to get involved in campus activities and just be you!

“It was hard to make friends because I had to work nights and weekends when the activities were scheduled.” ~ Mark T.

Join the First-Gen Warrior Club!
•    participate in club fairs
•    develop your leadership skills
•    network with classmates, faculty, staff and community members
•    make new friends
•    have fun!