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Celebrate the arrival of the Cal Fremling 

Friday June 6, 2014

The Cal Fremling Floating Interpretive Center & Classroom

The Cal Fremling Floating Interpretive Center & Classroom will be dedicated to creating a greater understanding of the broad multi-faceted nature of the Mississippi River and the people and places it touches. Our goal is to enhance our relationship to the River through research and education. Tens of thousands of elementary, secondary, college university students and community members will benefit from this resource which will provide a gateway to exploration and knowledge.

As scholars and as people who live and work near it, we see the river as a laboratory, a canvas, an archive, a stage, a text, a great complex thing worthy of contemplation, interpretation and protection.

See additional information about the boat (including a rendering), FAQ's, and a pledge form.

View photos of the boat's progress and the Cal Fremling in the news!
WXOW | WKBT | Winona Daily News

Watch the unveiling of the Cal Fremling:

  Dr. Calvin R. Fremling, WSU Professor Emeritus of Biology was a noted and
beloved educator, scientist, and Mississippi River enthusiast during his 32
year teaching and research career at WSU. His book, Immortal River: The
Upper Mississippi River in Ancient and Modern Times, serves as one of the
most comprehensive and readable accounts of the Mississippi River
ecosystem available today. See a video about Cal here.


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