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Foundation Special Projects Awards

The Winona State University Foundation was chartered in 1963 for the purpose of receiving, managing, and applying funds exclusively for charitable, scientific, or educational activities at Winona State University.

Each year, the Winona State University Foundation grants approximately $100,000 to special project applications pursued by permanent full-time faculty or staff at the University. The object of the awards is to provide financial support for projects that bring innovation and acclaim to the University. The Special Projects Committee of the WSU Foundation Board of Trustees reviews the applications twice a year and selects the winning projects. The number and amount of award(s) shall be determined based on the annual funding available and periodically reviewed by the WSU Foundation Special Projects Committee. The recipients of the awards are announced at the Foundation's annual board meeting.

  • An outline of the project (problem to be addressed, significance, goals, methods to be used, ways to evaluate success, future plans)
  • A statement of the project's relevance to the mission of the institution and/or college
  • One-page budget
  • A fundraising plan (if additional funding is needed to complete the project)
  • All publication, display, or presentation of any project funded should include appropriate recognition to the WSU Foundation
  • It’s benchmarks and measurable results to be reported to the Foundation.
  • Please provide information regarding the project by answering the following questions in your essay: Describe the project (be specific and include the goals and objectives to be accomplished). Describe the means by which you will evaluate the success of the project.
  • Relate your project to each of the following three factors: Special Benefits to WSU Goals of your Department Special Benefits to Students
  • Describe other sources of funds and what actions have been taken to secure project funding:
  • If you do not receive the total funds requested, what effect will this have on your project?
  • Do you plan on presenting this project at the Faculty Research Symposium?
  • How will you recognize the Foundation and use its logo?

Applicants for the award must be a permanent full-time faculty or staff member at Winona State University and their submitted projects must meet the following criteria. Funds will be awarded for those proposals which encourage the innovative research, curriculum development that lead to new program development and scholarly publications.


An eligible project:

  • Is one that needs initial funding
  • Advances the goals of the University
  • Encourage innovative teaching to innovative research
  • Shows clear potential for leveraging additional funding and is submitted by an applicant committed to leading those fundraising efforts
  • MUST be authorized and approved by department heads
  • Is presented in a proposal that adheres to all the guidelines set forth
  • Is a project that will be completed or substantially completed within 12 months
  • Will bring visibility to the University


  • Faculty and staff members are only awarded one grant per fiscal year
  • Typical awards do not exceed $5,000
  • Funds awarded must be spent solely for the purposes stated in the application
  • Changes to original request require resubmission of the written proposal
  • The foundation will not fund:
    • normal operational budget items (e.g., office supplies)
    • staff salaries
    • staff travel
    • honoraria for WSU faculty and/or staff
    • academic course work toward graduate degrees or for post-graduate work
  • All property funded by the WSU Foundation must be recorded as part of WSU’s inventory and have a fixed asset sticker applied
  • Any inventions or intellectual properties developed must be disclosed to the Foundation
  • The Foundation retains the right to claim a fair and proportional benefit from the innovation and The Foundation will be given an opportunity to participate in the patent process.

WSUF Approved Agency Disbursement Policy (PDF)

    The WSUF Disbursement Voucher (PDF) form should be used when requesting funds from an account held by the WSU Foundation.

    Special Projects Award Final Report Form (PDF)

    Applications are reviewed two times per fiscal year. Applicants must be present to the special projects committee on review day. A ten minute time allotment will be scheduled by the foundation assistant one week before the committee meeting date.

    The presenter(s) should be prepared to provide an explanation of the project's relevance to the mission of the institution and/or college. 


    Special Project Award Calendar

    Semester Deadline  Presentation to Committee
    Fall Oct. 12, 2015 Nov. 4, 2015
    Spring March 18, 2016 April 7, 2016


     Name Project Request  Award 
     Kate Hansen Expanding Use of Technology in Health Promotion Outreach
    Capabilities at WSU
     Misun Bormann WSU Scrubs Camp Student Scholarships $4,500.00 
     Sonja Meiers Development of a Manual to guide use of a psychometric measure:
    The Family Caring and Relating Experiences: Chronic Illness Scale
    Manny Felix  Disability Health and Adapted Physical Activity Teaching Center  $8,000.00
    Vincent Sichula Preparation and Characterization of Organic Materials for Alternate
    Energy Production
    Tamara Berg  RE Initiative: Creating a Safer Campus  $2,500.00 
    Osvaldo Martinez  Exploiting Ebola Virus to Develop Novel Virus-Like particle Vaccines  $6,300.00
    Erin White Maternal and Fetal Outcomes from a Prospective Resistance Band
    Training Study with Limited Intervention 
    Jane Foote  Faculty-Sponsored Graduate Student Research  $2,107.00 
    Chuck Ripley  Digital Humanities Speaker Series  $2,886.00 
    June Reineke  Children's Garden-An Outdoor Science Learning Center  $1,375.00 



     Name Project Request
    Roger Riley
    Best Practices workshop for community recreation for people with disabilities
    Joan Sax-Bendix
    Young Writer's Conference May 2016
    Nicole Civenttini
    21st Conference on the Small City and Regional Community: Criminal Justice in the Small City
    Donald Lovejoy
    Charles Lazarus Residency
    Debra Hammel
    Emergency Meal Boxes
    Shirley Johnson/Gayle Olsen
    Health Screening in at Rick Problems
    Eric Weigel
    Incorporating the Gymaware Strength Training System into HERS classes and Athlete Training Programs
    Phil Appicelli
    Motion Analysis System
    Michelle Darst/Connie Mettille
    Fatal Version Marijuana Simulation Experience - Campaign Kit
    Diane Forsyth (ITV)
    Faculty sponsored Graduate Student Research Dissemination at a Regional Nursing Conference


    Tina Krause
    Sustainable Landscapes Workshop Series
    Jacob Hines
    Neural plasticity and regeneration
    Mary Anderson
    Literature to Literacy Take II: Expanding an education resource collection
    Joel Traver
    Partnering for Professional Development: A Cognitive Coaching Seminar
    Meghan Sinning for James Kirk
    Bird Club: Using literacy instruction and enrichment activities to study birds in Winona and Jamaica
    Tom Hill/Steph Stango
    Harriet Johnson Auditorium


    Apply now for a Special Projects Award.

    If you have already received an award, fill out the Special Projects Award Final Report form (PDF).

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WSU Foundation office at 507.457.5020 or Jennifer Hoffman at JHoffman@winona.edu.  

    Special Projects Committee

    The Special Project Committee is primarily responsible for special program activities of the Foundation. This includes developing proposal guidelines for projects intended to enhance WSU's academic mission, to improve the quality of its faculty or the level of instruction and to enrich the learning experiences available to its students. The committee encourages, reviews and recommends funding for programs and projects at WSU for which there are no current funding sources available.

    Dollars awarded via the Special Project Committee are initially received as unrestricted gifts. These unrestricted donations come from a variety of sources: alumni, corporations, matching gift companies and other friends of WSU. The purpose of the program is broad and designed to serve the curricular, professional and program development priorities of the institution.

    Members of the Special Projects Committee include:

    • Ted Fredrickson - Chair
    • Robert Befidi
    • George Bolon
    • Greg Evans
    • Karen Fawcett
    • Steve Heuslein
    • Jim Meyer 
    • Tim Missling
    • Dick Record
    • Phil Sonnenberg - Liaison
    • Dr. John N. Weis