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William J. McBreen, PhD, RN William J. McBreen, PhD, RN
Dean, Professor, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Office: Rochester - Health Science Bldg. 105; Winona - Stark 301
Phone: Rochester - 507.285.7349; Winona 507.457.5122
Email: wmcbreen@winona.edu

Martha M. Scheckel

Martha M. Scheckel, PhD, RN
Chair, Professor
Department of Nursing
Office:  Rochester - Health Science Bldg. (HS) 106; Winona - Stark 303G
Phone:  Rochester - 507.529.6144; Winona - 507.457.5127
Email:  mscheckel@winona.edu
Sonja Meier director of graduate nursing Sonja J. Meiers, PhD, RN
Director, Professor
Department of Graduate Nursing, Winona State University - Rochester
Office:  East Hall (EA) 133
Phone: 507.536.5671
Email: smeiers@winona.edu

Graduate Nursing Faculty


  Deppa, Brant, PhD
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Professor and Chair
Office: Gildemeister 311
Phone: 507.457.5457
Email: BDeppa@winona.edu

Dowat, Kimberly, PhD, APRN, CNM
Adjunct Faculty
Office:  EA 129-136
Email:  kdowat@winona.edu    

Photo - Jane Foote (Associate Professor)

Foote, Jane, EdD, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
Office:  EA 216
Phone:  507.280.2818
Email:  jfoote@winona.edu

Diane McNally Forsyth, PhD, RN, Professor

Forsyth, Diane M., PhD, RN
Office:  EA 132
Phone:  507.280.5036
Email:  dforsyth@winona.edu

  Hemmingsen, Terese, DNP, RN, CDE
Assistant Professor
Office: HS 110
Phone: 507.285.7342
Email: THemmingsen@winona.edu
Herman, Rachel E., MS, RN, CPNP Herman, Rachel E., MS, APRN, PPCNP-BC
Adjunct Faculty
Clinical Placement Coordinator
Office:  EA 139
Phone:  507.535.3978
Email:  rherman@winona.edu

Carol Jenson

Jenson, Carole E., DNP, APRN, CNS, ACNS-BC, CME, CCRN-K
Associate Professor
(Sabbatical 2015 Fall Semester)
Office:  EA 218
Phone:  507.285.7341
Email:  cjenson@winona.edu 

Annie Johnson Johnson, Andrea B., MSN, APRN, CNP, ACNP-BC, CCRN
Assistant Professor
Office:  EA 208
Phone:  507.285.7168
Email:  abjohnson@winona.edu

Johnson, Shirley, MSN, APRN, CNP
Assistant Professor
Office:  HS 027
Phone:  507.285.7136
Email:  skjohnson@winona.edu

Photo - Kim Langr Langer, Kimberly, MSN, APRN, CNP, ACNP-BC
Assistant Professor
Office:  EA 208
Phone:  507.285.7168
Email:  klanger@winona.edu
Photo - Anne Miers Miers, Anne, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC, CNRN
Assistant Professor
Office:  EA 129-136
Email:  amiers@winona.edu  

  Paddock, Sandra, DNP, APRN, CNP
Associate Professor
Office: EA 117
Phone: 507.285.7208
Email: SPaddock@winona.edu
Photo - Faculty Dr. Julie Ponto Ponto, Julie A., PhD, APRN, CNS, AGCNS-BC, AOCNS®
Office:  EA 134
Phone:  507.285.7135
Email:  jponto@winona.edu

Prochnow, Jenny, MSN, MBA, RNC, PHN
Associate Professor
Office:  EA 137
Phone:  507.285.7185
Email:  jprochnow@winona.edu
Lisa Schnepper

Schnepper, Lisa L., PhD, APRN, CNP, FNP-BC
Office:  EA 220
Phone:  507.285.7478
Email:  lschnepper@winona.edu

Starling, Jami, MS, RN
Associate Professor
Office:  EA 135
Phone:  507.280.5565
Email:  jstarling@winona.edu
Mieca Valen Valen, Mieca S., DNP, APRN, CNP, FNP-BC
(Sabbatical 2015 - 2016)
Office:  EA 212
Phone:  507.282.7588
Email:  mvalen@winona.edu



Nicholls, Daniel J., RN, EdD
Professor Emeritus
MSN:  University of Texas at El Paso
MED:  Montana State University
EDD:  Montana State University

Olsen, Gayle P., MS, RN, PNP
Professor Emerita
MSN:  University of California at San Francisco
BSN:  College of St. Teresa, Winona, MN
Email:  golsen@winona.edu

Scherb, Cindy A., PhD, RN
Professor Emerita
Postdoctoral Fellowship:  University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
PhD:  University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
MS:  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 
BS:  Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, IA
Email:  cscherb@winona.edu

Smith, Marjorie J., PhD, RN, CNM
Professor Emerita
PhD:  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
MSN:  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
BSN:  University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Administrative Staff

Brenda Canar
Administrative Assistant
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Office: Winona - Stark 301
Phone: 507.457.5122
Email:  bcanar@winona.edu

Carolyn Ryno
Administrative Assistant
Graduate Programs
Office: Rochester - EA 129-136
Phone: 507.529.6117
Email:  cryno@winona.edu

Sara Bass
Office and Admin. Assistant
Graduate Programs
Office: Rochester - EA 129-136
Phone: 507.285.7473
Email:  sbass@winona.edu