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A New Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program: Nursing Leadership Program with Practice and Leadership Innovations (PLI) Emphasis

Course delivery will be by hybrid method (primarily online with monthly synchronous webinar meetings). Accepted students will be invited to the Winona State University-Rochester Campus for a required orientation session on August 28, 2014.  

Graduates of the PLI program will be prepared to lead innovations, advance practice, and improve health and healthcare outcomes. Clinical practicums in advanced nursing for the PLI emphasis, where students work with a qualified mentor, enable students to develop and lead a practice and/or leadership innovation project with attention to the impact on the organization and human/financial implications. 

Program Courses

Fall I
NURS 701       Applied Biostatistics (4)
NURS 714       Evidence-Based Practice Seminar (3)
NURS 738       Contemporary Topics in Leadership (3) 

Spring I
NURS 703       Epidemiologic Approaches to Population Health (3)
NURS 704       Practice Innovations Seminar (3)
NURS 775       Clinical Scholarship* (3) (3 credits clinical)

Fall II
NURS 775       Clinical Scholarship* (3) (3 credits clinical)
NURS 756       Innovations in Practice & Leadership Practicum* (3) (1 credit clinical)

Spring II
NURS 775       Clinical Scholarship* (3) (3 credits clinical)
NURS 7XX       DNP Elective

TOTAL: 31 credits; (1 role/population clinical credit, 60 hours, 9 clinical scholarship credits, 540 hours; 600 total clinical hours) * 

A total of 1000 clinical/practicum hours are required for all graduates of a DNP program. This program provides 600 hours. The remaining 400 clinical/practicum hours may come from a previous master's degree (appropriateness will be determined by faculty). Additional clinical/practicum courses may be necessary to achieve this requirement of 400 hours.

*Clinical/practicum hour ratio is 1 credit hour to 60 clinical/practice hours. 

Clinical Scholarship Project 

The clinical practice question that guides the Clinical Scholarship Project reflects a clinical practice problem within the scope of practice of Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, or Nursing Leaders. The population focus for the Project must be clinical, not academic, in nature. For example, an intervention aimed at improving the health habits of nursing students would be appropriate, whereas an intervention aimed at improving the learning outcomes or academic objectives of nursing students would not be appropriate. The clinical practice question should be appropriate in scope to allow analysis, intervention(s), and evaluation of a problem solution within the time frame of this DNP program. Please see Clinical Practice Question  for further detail and examples of clinical questions. 

Review of applications for this program will begin immediately for enrollment in Fall 2014. Admission will continue until the cohort is filled. Please see the admission requirements and applications for this new program. If you have any questions, please contact us:

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Graduate Nursing Tuition Information

Tuition for Academic Year 2014 – 2015 is $670 per credit for 600 level courses and $900 per credit for Advanced Practice Nursing cohort.  Please note there are differing tuition fees between the Rochester and Winona campuses. If you have any questions regarding Graduate Nursing tuition information, please contact our office at 507.285.7473.  For general tuition information, please visit Winona State University Cost of Attendance

Graduate Nursing Newsletters

The WSU Graduate Programs in Nursing Update is published each semester to highlight our program, faculty, students, and alumni.  Below are copies of the current and past newsletters.

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