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Graduate Special Students

Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree in nursing and who wish to enroll in further undergraduate courses, graduate courses, or a combination of both but do not intend to pursue a Master’s degree may register as Graduate Special students.

It is also possible to be admitted as a Graduate Special Study Student.  Students may apply as a Graduate Special student to the Graduate Programs in Nursing.  Students may take up to 12 credits as a Graduate student before acceptance into the program.  Credits earned as a Graduate Special student can be applied toward graduation requirements as outlined in the Graduate Catalog.

If you later wish to enter a graduate degree program, you must meet all requirements for admission for graduate study.

Courses open to Graduate Special Students include the following.

Course Number


Course Name

Prerequisite and/or co-requisite



Statistical Methods (3)

STAT 110 or equivalent

NURS 604


Health Care Policy/Quality Health Care Delivery (3)


NURS 606


Nursing Info Mgmt. & Decision-Making (3)


NURS 608


Organizational & Systems Leadership (3)


NURS 616


Molecular/Genetics & Immune Mechanisms (3)


NURS 617


Clinical Pharmacology (3)

Pre or co-requisite:  NURS 618 – Advanced Pathophysiology or consent of instructor


NURS 618




Advanced Pathophysiology (2)

NURS 616 – Molecular/Genetics & Immune Mechanisms