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Grandparents University®

Grandparents University®,  a program of Winona State University's Retiree Center, brings together grandparents and grandchildren aged 8 to 14 for a two-day dynamic intergenerational learning experience.  You will select a major of study that piques your interest and participate in four class sessions over two days.  You will stay in Winona State’s newest residence hall, attend classes taught by Winona State University professors, dine in the cafeteria and make memories that last a lifetime!  We are located in southeastern Minnesota, nestled between scenic bluffs on the banks of the Mississippi River – a wonderful spot to explore nature and learn!

Remember, you don’t have to be a grandparent to participate – perhaps you have a special niece or nephew, a Godchild, or another young family member who would enjoy a unique educational experience.”  Grandparents University® gives that special "Grandfriend" (Grandfriend, aunt, uncle) an opportunity to explore college life and create lifelong memories with their grandchildren.

We also welcome trios of participants!  Two grandparents* (or another special adult pair) can bring one grandchild or one grandparent can bring two grandchildren.  All three MUST be enrolled in the same major. The cost for this option is $465 if staying in New Center West and $429 if NOT staying in New Center West. 

*This is a wonderful option if both the paternal and maternal grandmothers or grandfathers wish to participate (or perhaps a special aunt and uncle or Godparents) or if you wish to bring both of your grandchildren.



  • The volunteers were the best!
  •  Excellent instructor!
  • Instructor was very passionate about the subject and fully engaged the students.
  • Really enjoyed the trip to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum and was impressed with Professor Black.
  • Everything was done well.
  • Spending time with Nana
  • The best part is meeting new people and new friends!
  • Canoeing in the morning, dead fish in the afternoon - ew!
  • Sleeping and staying in a real dorm
  • I want to rewind the whole thing and do it again.

          Grandparents University® is a Registered Trademark of UW Madison, and is used  with permission.