Grandparents University® Majors

Choose a major that best fits your interests. You will remain in the same major for the entire two-day program. Adults must accompany children to majors. Learning experiences, age recommendations and physical activity levels vary by major – please note instructors' requests. View a 2015 sample Grandparents University® Itinerary (PDF).

They're good, they're bad and they're sometimes ugly. Discover the microbes that live everywhere — they are in us, on us and all around us in places where you least expect. You will grow and view these microscopic bugs (bacteria, molds, germs, viruses, etc.) using high-powered microscopes. Come prepare to be amazed and, at times, a little "grossed out" by all the microscopic critters living in our environment!

This Introduction to Robotics class will offer students the opportunity to embark on an adventurous challenge with Lego NXT technology in order to design, assemble and program robots. You will program your robots to perform tasks, compete in races, run an obstacle course and complete other challenges created by you! No prior experience with computer programming or robots needed.

Have you even wondered how we know what stars are made of? Or why when we look at the Andromeda Galaxy in the night sky, we're looking into the past? Or how a telescope works? This class will offer fun, hands-on activities to investigate the answers to these questions and many other fascinating properties of light.

Get outside and experience some of the best outdoor activities the Upper Mississippi River Valley has to offer. Geocaching, canoeing and kayaking are some of the best family activities during the summer months. Learn the basics of these fantastic lifetime activities and share experiences in a beautiful outdoor setting. You'll also have a chance to test your mettle on the low and high ropes courses and other adventure activities.

A new activity for the 2015 session is the opportunity to experience WSU's brand new 6,000 square foot indoor climbing wall! (Don't worry - If you would rather cheer your grandchild on than participate, that's fine!)

Do you love telling stories? Do you dream about having your words brought to life on the Broadway stage? If so, this course is for you! In this class, we'll write an original short play based on a "mash-up" of fairy tales with storybook characters. In this digital age of on-demand videos and amazing computer graphics, we'll discover why the simple act of bringing stories and characters to life on stage is still one of the world's most popular art forms.