Welcome to Grandparents University!®

Choose a major that best fits your interests. You will remain in the same major for the entire two-day program. Adults must accompany children to majors. Learning experiences, age recommendations and physical activity levels vary by major – please note Instructors requests.  Sample Grandparents University® Itinerary.

2014 MAJORS  

Biology:  Mysterious Microbes

There are microbes (bacteria, molds, protists, viruses, etc.) everywhere – living in your body and on your skin, in your kitchen and in places you never dreamed of! You will sample food for bacteria – some is good for us and some is bad. You will culture and view microbes using compound and dissecting microscopes. Come prepared to be amazed and, at times, a little “grossed out” by all of the microscopic critters living in our environment!

Communication Studies:  My Grandparent’s Living History

Do you dream of being behind the camera, directing the next blockbuster; or perhaps you would rather be in front of the camera?  We have an opportunity for you to learn interviewing techniques, video production, editing and storytelling. Using an iPad, grandchildren will interview, record, and edit an interview with their grandparent(s). You will also scan in still photos (which you bring with you from home) to add to your video. Your final project will be produced as a short movie titled “My Grandparent’s Living History.” You can then distribute your video on YouTube and DVD for the enjoyment of your family and friends!

Criminal Justice:  Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Investigating a crime is like solving a complex puzzle. You will work as part of an elite team of investigators to help solve a crime. You will learn how to question suspects (are they lying or telling the truth?) and interview witnesses, gather evidence, take fingerprints, analyze crime scenes and eventually bring the case to a successful conclusion. Leading you in this endeavor will be two veteran law enforcement officers.

Global Studies: Japanese Culture: Customs, Traditions, Language

From Kimonos to Sushi and Calligraphy this class is a FUN introduction to the remarkable Japanese Culture. Just what is Japanese tea and why don’t they use forks? You will have the chance to eat some genuine Japanese foods, practice calligraphy (brush writing), make a Manga (Japanese comic), learn a few Japanese words and phrases and learn a little about Japan’s rich history and its current popular culture.

 Health, Exercise, Rehab Sciences: Physical, Mental, and Nutritional Olympics for the Young and Not So Young

Let’s have some friendly competition! Grandparents and grandchildren will join forces and compete in brain games, physical ability assessments, and a healthy cook-off. What DID people eat before Doritos were invented? How DID people gain muscle without a set of weights? Just what IS a stability ball? See what science has done to the dunk tank! Participate in activities that speed up and SLOW down the aging process and enjoy everybody’s favorite topic: FOOD!!

Outdoor Education & Recreation: Outdoor Learning Adventure

Winona is surrounded by abundant and beautiful natural resources! You will gain an appreciation and concern for our natural environment while exploring outdoor activities. This exciting learning adventure begins on Thursday with team-building, games and activities before you head to the Low and High Ropes course. On Friday morning grandparents and grandchildren spend the morning canoeing and kayaking Blackbird Slough on the Mississippi River. The afternoon brings a treasure hunt challenge using hand-held GPS units. (All activities follow the challenge by choice philosophy and are facilitated by nationally certified instructors.)