Grandparents University® Majors

Choose a major that best fits your interests. You will remain in the same major for the entire two-day program. Adults must accompany children to majors. Learning experiences, age recommendations and physical activity levels vary by major – please note instructors' requests. View a 2015 sample Grandparents University® Itinerary (PDF). Below you will find the course titles and majors for 2016.

This class will offer you the opportunity to embark on an adventurous challenge with Lego NXT technology in order to design, assemble and program robots. No prior experience with computer programming or robots needed. You will program your robots to perform tasks, compete in races, run an obstacle course, and complete other challenges created by you! (Taught by Eric Paulsen)

Get outside and experience some of the best outdoor activities the Upper Mississippi River Valley has to offer. Geocaching canoeing, and kayaking are great things to do during the summer months. Learn the basics of these fantastic lifetime activities in a beautiful outdoor setting. Students will also be able to experience WSU’s 6,000 square foot indoor climbing wall. Don’t worry...if you would rather cheer your grandchild on than participate, that’s fine! (Taught by Eric Barnard and Ross Greedy)

Discover the amazing ways that light can work for you with fun hands-on activities. You will use lasers to study nature and communication. You’ll get to break light up into different colors to study stars! You will also get a chance to use lenses and mirrors to make telescopes and cameras. Grab your light saber and get ready for some fun! (Taught by Andy Ferstl)

Spend two days with Monet, Picasso, & Van Gogh and let your inner artist shine! You will partner to create a mixed media “quilt” that reflects your unique experiences as you explore the galleries of the MN Marine Art Museum. You will use storytelling, drawing, painting, photography, poetry, collage, sun-prints and more to tell your story. No experience necessary. Get your creative juices flowing in this fun class! (Taught by Heather Casper)

What do Gingko, Tulip, and Buckeye all have in common? They are all trees on the WSU campus! Come explore some of the more than 100 unique species of trees on our beautiful campus through identification, photography, leaf rubbings, journaling, and writing “poet-tree.” Go out on a limb and hang out with us! (Taught by Melanie Reap)

Pack your virtual sunscreen and sombreros; you’re going to Mexico! For two days you will tour Mayan and Aztec pyramids, hit the beach for whale watching and surfing and sing traditional Mexican songs as you learn simple Spanish. You’ll also get the chance to make and sample some delicious Mexican treats. Viva Mexico! (Taught by Amy Hornby-Uribe)