Student Positions

Health and Wellness Services Mission and Structure

Health and Wellness Services provides direct and proactive health care to ensure students are in optimal health and pursuing lifelong wellness, enabling academic success and laying a foundation for lifelong positive societal impact.

Health and Wellness Services offers a high quality full primary care clinic and numerous health and wellness programs and outreach efforts to the Winona State University student body at large. Our three essential teams include our clinical team, health and wellness promotion team and our operational team. These three teams work on their specific goals and action plans but connect and communicate via sub-committees. There are three sub-committees that are comprised of members of each of the three Health and Wellness Services teams:

  • Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation
  • Communication and Marketing 
  • Services Accessibility


High Quality Health & Wellness Programs & Services

To establish and maintain high quality and appropriate health programs and services that are comprised of activities involving prevention, education and treatments to enhance overall wellness.

A Student Led Approach to Health & Wellness

To establish a student-led approach to addressing health and wellness concerns whereby solutions are created by and for students.

Create A Healthy Work Environment

To create an environment within Health & Wellness Services that enables staff to obtain their highest level of functionality and productivity while pursuing personal wellness. 

Integrated Collaboration

To fully collaborate and utilize all Winona State University, MNSCU, community and partners' services, academia and programs to facilitate high quality services and integrated wellness, assuring no missed opportunities. 

Available Internships with Health & Wellness Services

HERS Intern #1 - Accepting applications
HERS Intern #2 - Accepting applications
Wellzine Editor - Filled