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Confidentiality Agreement

A medical record is kept on all students using Health & Wellness Services. Your medical records are confidential. Information is given to a third party only with your written consent. Faculty, university administration, potential employers and parents do not have access to your student medical record.

Should parents request information from Health & Wellness Services, they will be told to contact the student for the desired information. Only in serious emergencies will information concerning the nature of complaints and/or diagnosis be given directly to parents.  Student workers at Health & Wellness Services are not allowed to open or read your medical record.

You should discuss directly with a faculty member or administrator any circumstances in which a health problem or treatment influences your academic performance or status. When you request it, Health & Wellness Services will verify your statement that you have been seen at a particular time. In such responses, no information will be given concerning the reason for the visit or the diagnosis or the health professionals or department visited, unless you request, in writing, for that information to be released.

Students may obtain a copy of their medical record or request it be sent to a third party such as your physician or for insurance purposes. To obtain a copy of your record you must fill out an Authorization to Release Medical Information.