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Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU

Location: IWC 130

Phone: 507.457.2245

Fax: 507.457.2247

Hours: Academic Year Monday - Friday 1 pm - 5 pm

The Parkview Pharmacy at WSU is open to WSU and SE Tech students, faculty and staff. The pharmacy is located on the main floor of the Integrated Wellness Complex(IWC) across from the stairs that lead up to Health & Wellness Services. The pharmacy offers parking for 15 minute drop-off/pick-up of prescriptions.

Current Promotions Fall 2015:

Transfer any prescription and receive a free lip balm while supplies last!

Transfer any prescription and receive a $10 purple pass gift card for future prescriptions at Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU while supplies last!


Important Tips for Using Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU:

1. Know your prescription insurance information.

Many health insurance plans may issue a separate card from your health coverage. Keep a picture on hand or just these important numbers:

  • Rx Bin Number
  • Rx PCN Number
  • ID Number
  • Rx Group Number (if applicable)

They can be found on an prescription insurance card like the example below:

RX Card 

2. Need to Transfer a Prescriptions? It's easy at Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU.

  • Call Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU at 507.457.2245 during (Academic Year) Monday-Friday 1 - 5 pm.
  • Provide your current pharmacy's contact information (phone number) and the name of the medication  and prescription number (if you have it) you need transferred.
  • Pick up your prescription at Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU

3. Need to Call in a Refill After Hours to Parkview @ WSU?

  • Call Parkview Pharmacy at Winona Health (507.454.4925) during regular business hours (9 am - 5:30 pm Monday-Friday 9 am - 12:30 pm Saturday) and request the prescription to be available for pick up during the next business day at Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU on campus. 

4. Leaving Winona over a break?

You can easily transfer a prescription to another pharmacy temporarily.

  • Contact the "new" pharmacy and provide them with Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU's phone number (507.457.2245) and the name of the medication and prescription number (if you have it) of the medication you need transferred. 

Don't forget to have the prescription transferred back when you return to Winona State!

5. Need an Over the Counter? Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU has you covered! 

  • A selection of over the counter products can be found at Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU. Don't see something you need? Ask the Pharmacist, they can generally get requested items next day.

6. Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU offers prescription delivery on campus to Students, Faculty and Staff! 

  • Too busy to pick up your prescriptions? Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU can deliver prescriptions based on staff availability.
  • Call Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU (507.457.2245) to schedule your delivery today!


Parkview Pharmacy @ WSU is able to accept: