Athletic Training Education Program Assessment

Competencies and Proficiencies

The Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) at Winona State University is based upon assessing outcomes. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association has developed academic competencies and clinical proficiencies for accredited ATEP’s (Athletic Training Educational Competencies – 4th Edition). Individual course syllabi contain the competencies and proficiencies that are instructed and evaluated in each course.

Clinical education proficiencies are instructed and evaluated the first time in the laboratory portion of each athletic training course.  Second assessments of proficiencies are ideally evaluated during a student's clinical education or fieldwork experiences.  When necessary, mock scenarios will be used to assess competency in certain areas.
Students and ACI may track proficiencies and visualize learning over time with a web-based assessment tool <>. This assessment tool was developed specifically for the WSU's Athletic Training Education Program. 

Evaluation of Student Clinical Experiences by ACI

Athletic Training Student (ATS) will be evaluated by the ACI he/she is assigned to on a monthly basis. This form is completed on-line and then the ACI shares his/her assessment with the student at the end of each month.  An example of the monthly evaluation form <Monthly Student Evaluation.pdf> is available for current students.

Students are also evaluated annually by the ATEP faculty and WSU's ACI. This is an opportunity for students to complete a self-assessment and compare that data to the faculty and staff evaluations. This meetings focus is on identifying the student's strengths as well as areas for improvement and developing a strategy for change.

Evaluation of Clinical Instructors and Clinical Sites by Students

ATS's will have the opportunity to evaluate the ACI and the clinical site each month. Monthly evaluations on ACI and site are completed using a Qualtrics Survey Tool.  Specific links for monthly evaluations will be sent to students each month.

Assessment Day

WSU sponsors an annual university "Assessment Day".  Students will complete a BOC style examination and an oral practical examination that is NOT reflected on their course grades or clinical education.  Remediation will be available for students that perform below average.  Those students may have an opportunity to retest.  These experiences give the student an idea of their progress toward BOC certification as well as giving the ATEP a measure for assessing program goals.