Admission to the HLA Program

If you are interested in becoming an HLA student and you have not yet completed the HLA Pre-Application Form, please do so now. Within one week of completing the pre-application, you will be contacted by an HLA advisor to discuss your eligibility and future educational and professional plans.

The Healthcare Leadership and Administration degree is awarded by Winona State University. Students interested in earning this degree must first be accepted into WSU and should declare a Pre-HLA major (PHLA). Please see Becoming an HLA Student for more details.

Once admitted to the university, prospective students are evaluated by means of an application rubric. This rubric rates student qualifications based on the following criteria: overall GPA, total credits earned toward the General Education Program (GEP), total credits earned toward graduation, years of professional healthcare experience, and total earned upper-division credits.

Students in PHLA are able to enroll in HLA 300, Foundations of Healthcare Leadership and Administration, and are encouraged to take remaining coursework needed to meet the HLA program admission requirements. All other HLA major coursework requires admittance into the HLA degree program.

HLA Admission Requirements

For admission into the online HLA Program, a HLA applicant must meet the following requirements:
  • The applicant must demonstrate current or previous professional experience in a healthcare-related field. The completion degree requires that you have developed a technical skill in healthcare to build your degree upon.
  • The HLA program is designed as an online completion degree. Therefore, the applicant must possess an associate (AAS, AS, or AA) or higher post-secondary degree from a regionally accredited college prior to admittance to the program. Please note that those with 2-year RN degrees should consider the RN completion program.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that he or she has earned 60 or more credits (junior/senior standing) at the time of application, or will do so prior to the start of HLA major coursework. No more than 30 of these 60 credits can be technical in nature.
  • The applicant must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time of application.
  • The applicant must demonstrate completion of the Winona State General Education Program (GEP) Goal 1: Communication requirements. See the General Education Program section of the WSU Undergraduate Catalog for details. Please note that completion of this requirement may be achieved through transfer coursework and that the GEP requirements are waived for those who have earned an AA degree.
  • Students must meet all application requirements outlined in the WSU Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Additional Admission Considerations
  • To be eligible for admission into the HLA program, candidates must be able to: meet the academic rigor of the HLA curriculum, communicate effectively through various forms of communication, conduct themselves in a professionally acceptable way, maintain composure during high stress and readily adapt to change.
  • Students are expected to have the computer hardware and skills necessary for successful participation in online courses. Students will sign a technology understanding/agreement to assure complete understanding of technology requirements.
For questions regarding the HLA application process, please e-mail or call 507.457.2315.