Conway Hall

Conway Hall

Conway Hall is the home to over 100 students. It is a co-ed building that was renovated during Summer 2011.


Conway Hall was recently renovated during Summer 2011. Students living in Conway will enjoy new beds, mattresses, desks, desk chairs, and more. Each room includes a sink/vanity area and a walk-in closet!

The majority of the rooms in Conway are double rooms. Women are housed on 1st & 2nd floors, while 3rd & 4th floors are designated for men.

Most students in Conway choose to loft their beds.

There are kitchens on 2nd – 4th floors in Conway which include stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and tables.

Laundry facilities are located on the 1st floor. Laundry is free to all students.
There is a TV lounge on the 1st floor of Conway, next to the Front Desk. This is the hub of the residence hall where students can meet up with friends to watch TV.

The front desk is staffed with students who live in the residence halls and are trained to answer questions about housing and Winona State. It is a great resource students can use to check out movies, games, kitchen equipment, and much more!
Students living in Conway can also take advantage of the outdoor courtyard. This courtyard is shared with students living in Richards Hall and has a sand volleyball court and benches.