Current Students

Whether you're wondering how to sign up for on-campus housing for next year, change your meal plan or apply for Housing & Residence Life student position, you've come to the right place. Answers to these questions and many others are provided here to help current students learn about their on-campus housing options and policies.

Current students wanting to return to the residence halls for 2016-2017 can begin signing up in October 2015. Below is what you need to know to reserve your space for next year!

Depending on where you want to live next year will determine what week you are able to sign up for a space. No matter when you sign up, you must pay your $250 pre-payment BEFORE selecting a room. If you are not able to show proof of the $250 pre-payment, you will not be allowed to sign up for a room until you have that receipt. Payments can be made at the Warrior Hub in Maxwell Hall (they will give you a receipt which you will need to bring when you sign-up).

October 5-7, 2015: East Lake – Return to Room (9 month agreements)

• Students currently living at East Lake and want their exact same room next year AND want a 9 month agreement (Aug 15, 2016-May 15, 2017) can sign up

October 8-9, 2015: East Lake – 11 ½ month agreement

• Any student currently living on campus who wants an 11 ½ month agreement (June 1, 2016-May 15, 2017) at East Lake next year can sign up

October 12-16, 2015 – Return to Room

• Any student currently living on campus who wants to return to their EXACT same room for 2016-2017 can sign up

October 26-30, 2015 – Complex Switches

• Any student wanting to change rooms within their complex for next year can sign up

  • Examples include: changing floors within your complex, changing buildings within your complex i.e. Richards to Morey; East Lake Building A to East Lake Building C; Haake to Kirkland, Lourdes 1st to Lourdes 4th, etc.
  • Complexes are defined as: East Lake Apartments (Buildings A, B, C, and D), Kirkland-Haake, The Quad (Morey-Shepard, Richards, and Conway), Prentiss-Lucas, Sheehan, , Lourdes, and Maria

November 4, 2015 – Open Sign-up Night: Wednesday, November 4th @ 4:00PM (SAC – Kryzsko Commons)

What do I need to do before I sign up for a room?

The only thing you need to do before you sign up for a room is pay the $250 pre-payment ($50 is a non-refundable processing fee) at the Warrior Hub in Maxwell Hall. Any other paperwork will be completed at the time you sign up for a space.

Where do I go to sign up for a room?

For the sign-up dates in October, you will go to the front desk of the residence hall you want to live in next year. All of the residence hall front desks will be open on the dates mentioned above during 2:00pm and 6:00pm for students to select their room.

When can I sign up for a room?

Please refer to the dates mentioned above of when you can sign up for a room for next year.

If you are not ready to make a decision at this time, we will continue to accept returning student applications thru Friday, May 6, 2016 at the Housing Office in Kryzsko Commons.

How do I sign up with my roommate(s)?

Students wanting to live together need to go to the appropriate sign-up time mentioned above – we would suggest going with your future roommate(s) to sign up if at all possible.

What if I have a class during the sign-up times?

Sign-ups are offered multiple days for several hours, so you should be able to find a time that works with your schedule.

We will allow students to send a proxy for the November 4th sign up since that is only offered once. A proxy will need to bring the receipt and Warrior ID of the student they are signing up a room for. If you have someone proxy for you, you will need to go to the Housing Office the next day to fill out your paperwork.

Will there be tours of the residence halls offered so I can see options in halls I am not familiar with?

Yes! We want to ensure you know what spaces are available to returning students. There are unique spaces in several of our residence halls that many students may not be aware of. Here are a few opportunities available to you:

Housing Presentations: This is the same presentation offered at three different times. It is recommended for students who are not sure where to start looking for housing or the detail that come with it such as the on campus sign-up process, signing a lease, working with a landlord, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

Tuesday, September 8th @ 6pm (Tau Rotunda – Tau Center)
Wednesday, September 16th @ 6pm (East Hall – Kryzsko)
Tuesday, October 6th @ 6pm (Student Activity Center – Kryzsko)

Family Weekend Open House & Tours: We will also have information for on-campus housing options available for 2016-2017. Tours of Kirkland Hall and the East Lake Apartments will be offered, as well as unique spaces such as single rooms and suites in the Quad, Sheehan Hall, and Lourdes Hall.
Saturday, September 19th 10am-12pm (East Hall –Kryzsko Commons)

What if I have not yet decided where I want to live next year?
If you are not sure where you want to live or who you want to live with quite yet, don’t worry. Our office will be accepting returning student housing applications for 2016-2017 thru Friday, May 6, 2017. Once you have decided, you can bring your receipt for $250 to the Housing Office in Kryzsko 235 and you can sign up for a space at that time.

Do I need to sign up for a room if I’m planning to apply for a Resident Assistant position?
Staff hiring decisions for 2016-2017 will not be determined until February 2016 (process will begin this fall). If you are planning to apply for an RA position, you can still choose a space on campus in the event you are not hired. If you are hired for a position, we will refund your pre-payment.

The 2015-2016 Residence Life Calendar (PDF) includes many dates related specifically to living in the residence halls. Please refer to it often. As new dates are established throughout the year, they will be added to this calendar.

Student Staff Positions:
Housing and Residence Life is one of the largest employers of students on campus. Through various positions in our department students have opportunities to gain leadership skills and professional development.
We have currently finished our 2015-2016 student selection process. However, if you are interested in future employment please talk with your Hall Director or Resident Assistant.
Information for 2016-2017 student staff positions will be posted at a later date.
If you are planning to live on campus during the summer of 2015, you may now fill out the application on-line. Summer housing will be located in Kirkland Hall from Sunday, May 10 to Sunday, Aug. 9.

Checking in: Summer Housing check-in for May Term will be on Sunday, May 10 from 9am to 12pm. If checking in after Sunday, May 10 please come during Kirkland’s front desk hours which are 11am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm every day.

May Term: All students checking into summer housing for May Term will need to check out of their current residence hall by 5pm on Sunday, May 10.

Charges: WSU Student $12/per day (double occupancy) and $15/per day (single occupancy). Your preference in a single or double is not guaranteed, however, we will try to accommodate as many as possible based on occupancy.

Transient Housing – Summer Housing cannot to be used for transient housing. We cannot accommodate students desiring to check in and out several times during the summer.

Summer housing charges will follow the Summer 2015 payment calendar. You will be charged according to the dates you have selected. If you do not adhere to the dates selected your student account will be updated after you checkout. If you have questions regarding billing please contact the Warrior Hub.

If you questions regarding summer housing contact Hall Director, Erica Thomas at or the Housing Office at

Apply now and we'll see you this summer!

Spring 2015 Closing Information

Traditional residence halls officially close at 5pm on Friday, May 8, 2015. The East Lake Apartments and Sustainability House close at 12pm (noon) on Friday, May 15, 2015. All students must check out with their RA/CA by this time. The following information is meant to be a helpful guide to having a successful check-out of the residence halls.

End of Semester Meetings: Your RA/CA will hold a mandatory End of Semester meeting the week of April 13. This meeting will provide you with the information you need to have a smooth and successful check-out. 

Cleaning Expectations: Your room/apartment is expected to be in the same condition, if not better, than it was when you moved in. Specific cleaning instructions will be given to you by your RA/CA. You may want to bring cleaning supplies from home to assist you such as rags, a vacuum, window cleaner, etc.

Forwarding Your Mail: The Housing Office will forward your mail for 30 days. After June 8, 2015 (June 15 for East Lake), all mail will be returned to sender. You can fill out a "Change of Address" form at the post office or online.

The on-campus housing agreement term is for one academic year. Students who choose to leave the residence halls before the last day of his/her housing agreement, must follow the procedures below.

Note: There are financial penalties for breaking your housing agreement early. Before you decide to move out of the residence halls, please talk with your Hall Director or a staff member in the Housing & Residence Life Office located in Kryzsko Commons 235.

  1. Complete the online Room & Meal Plan Cancellation Form. (East Lake residents will need for fill out a form at the Housing Office). If you were granted a room change, you do not need fill out this form.
  2. Set up a check-out time with your RA/CA. If your RA/CA is not available, you may check-out with another RA/CA within the complex.
  3. Properly return your loft, if applicable. Please contact your RA/CA prior to your check-out time for specific loft return instructions.
  4. Clean your room according to the following Cleaning Expectations (PDF).

Financial Penalties

Students who cancel their housing agreement before it expires will be charged a contract cancellation fee. Please contact the Housing & Residence Life Office for specific charges related to your situation before cancelling your agreement.

In order to prevent improper check-out fees, you must follow these expectations:

  • Be in your room at the check-out time you scheduled with your RA/CA
  • Have your room cleaned according to the cleaning expectations  (PDF) for your residence hall
  • Have all of your belongings removed from your room and the hallway outside of your room prior to checking out with the RA/CA
  • Turn in your room key to the RA/CA
  • Sign your Room Condition Report (RCR) and provide your forwarding address and phone number

If there are any damages to property or cleaning that needs to be done, the student will be charged accordingly as listed in the Housing & Residence Life Cleaning & Damage Charges (PDF).

Mailboxes are located in the lobby of each complex. Except for flyers originating from the WSU Housing & Residence Life Office and other University departments, only mail addressed to a student living in the residence halls will be placed in the mailboxes. Mail and packages delivered without the name of the student living in the residence halls will not be accepted or will be returned to sender. Any items ordered should be addressed to or in care of the student. Packages will not be received if they are in a student's parent/guardian name.

Each room has an assigned mailbox which is located in the front lobby of each residence hall. Students are encouraged to check their campus mailbox often as this is one way the University is able to relay important information to students.

To mail something to your student, please use the following format:

Student Name
Residence Hall & Room #
Residence Hall Street Address
Winona, MN 55987

The mailing address for each residence hall can be found by going to each residence hall page.


Students will receive a package slip in their residence hall mailbox if a package has been delivered for them.  To collect a package, students will need to take their package slip to their hall front desk, show their Warrior ID and provide a signature when they pick up a package. C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) packages will not be accepted. 

If a package was delivered to our Central Housing Office, students would receive an email, via their WSU email address, notifying them. Packages at our Central Office can be picked up Monday-Friday 8am - 4:30pm.

Missing or Damaged Mail

If a student did not receive their mail and/or a package or items are damaged upon receipt, please file a report at the residence hall front desk and with the Post Office. 

Currently, we are preparing for the arrival of students to move into our residence halls for the academic year. Therefore, we are not accepting room change requests at this time. If you would still like to request a room change after you move into your room, you may do so starting Tuesday, September 8th. An online request form will be available on this page at that time.

What is the Welcome Crew?

The WSU Welcome Crew is a combination of student, staff, faculty, retiree and alumni volunteers who assist new students and their families move into the residence halls each fall.

Sign up now to be a part of the WSU Welcome Crew!

What Would I do as a Volunteer?

Welcome Crew Volunteer responsibilities may include: controlling traffic, unloading vehicles, transporting belongings to rooms, making posters, distributing concessions, distributing keys and room assignments, and, most importantly, making new students feel welcome!

Necessary Skills and Qualities

  • Ability to lift and move items
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • High level of positive energy and enthusiasm
  • Comfortable working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • A desire to help incoming students feel at home at WSU
  • Ability to follow direction well
  • Ability to be prompt and on time

Where Can I Get More Information?

There are two information sessions where you can learn more about Welcome Crew:

  • Wednesday, March 25 at 9pm (Tau Rotunda)
  • Thursday, April 26 at 8pm (Haake Hall Conference Room)

Important Dates

  • Sunday, August 16 - Volunteers are allowed to move in to their residence hall at no charge
  • Monday, August 17 - Mandatory meeting at 9am
  • Tuesday, August 18 - Assist with move-in day activities 7:30am - 5pm (must be available all day)

Volunteer Benefits

  • Receive a Free Welcome Crew T-Shirt
  • Opportunity to meet new students and their families
  • Positive, free way to promote your registered student organization
  • Early arrival fee waived if you work two shifts
  • Great volunteer opportunity

Join the WSU Welcome Crew!

Meal plan changes can be made at anytime throughout the semester for those students wanting to increase their current plan. Students wanting to decrease their meal plan can do so during the first two weeks of each semester only. Stop by the Housing Office, 235 Kryzsko Commons, to make your meal plan changes.

Students wishing to cancel their Housing Agreement for the residence halls must fill out the online Room & Meal Plan Cancellation. Students living at East Lake wanting to cancel their agreement must fill out a paper Contract & Release Form (PDF) at the Housing Office, (235 Kryzsko Commons). You will also need to contact your RA to be sure you follow the appropriate check out procedures.

Note: this form is Not intended for students changing rooms within the residence halls. It is intended for those wanting to move completely out of the residence halls to an off-campus apartment, moving home, etc.  If you have any questions about the terms of your Housing Agreement, please contact our office.

2015-2016 Housing Agreement (PDF)
2015-2016 Refund/Penalty Schedule (PDF)

2015-2016 East Lake Apartments Application/Agreement (PDF)
2015-2016 East Lake Apartments Refund/Penalty Schedule (PDF)

The WSU Residence Halls and Campus Community are a Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco-Free environment, certain violations of these policies will result in the cancellation of your Housing Agreement and an $800 Housing Agreement Cancellation Fee.