Frequently Asked Questions

We are faced with many questions each year from students who are preparing to move into the residence halls and begin a new year at Winona State University. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions here to address student’s basic concerns. If you have questions not addressed here, feel free to contact us.

Our residence halls offer students a wide range of room types and sizes.  With over 1,000 rooms, we are able to give information on the rooms dimensions. However, we do not have the specifications for each closet or window in each individual room.

Each room is furnished with an extra-long twin bed, (89 x 30 in.), with mattress.  Also included is a desk and desk chair, dresser, and closet for each student. There are window coverings on all of the windows in each hall as well as carpet in each room, except for Lourdes and Tau rooms.

In the case of a build-up room, students will need to share the two desks, dressers and closets. Each student will have his/her own bed. One set of beds will be bunked and the other bed lofted, at no extra cost to the student.  Once students move into their build-up room, they can request additional furniture be brought into the room.  From our experience, most students would rather not bring in additional furniture as they prefer to have the floor space instead.

Meal plan information is available on the DineOnCampus website.

If you decide you want to be on a different meal plan during the summer, you can email the Housing Office to request a change.

Once school has started, you will need to stop by the Housing Office, 235 Kryzsko Commons, and fill out a Change of On-Campus Meal Plan form.

You can only lower your meal plan within the first two weeks of each semester.  You may increase your meal plan at any time.

Some rooms are "built-up" to accommodate the rising number of students wanting to experience on-campus living.  A build-up room is a room adapted to temporarily accommodate an extra student.  Build-up room rates are adjusted accordingly for all students in the room.  Students placed in a build-up room will find there is adequate space for them.  However, it is our goal to move them into a regular room by the end of the first semester.

There is a very small percentage of rooms that are not able to accommodate a loft set-up.  There are different loft options available for students, depending on the hall and room they are assigned to.  Students will receive loft information with their room assignment information which will be sent in the spring.  Most lofts are delivered to student's rooms prior to move-in day. However, there are some cases where the student may need to pick up their own loft when they arrive.  Signs will be posted if this is the case.  Students who rent a loft are responsible for setting it up on their own.

Students in a build-up room DO NOT need to rent a loft as one is already provided for you and set up when you arrive.  Please note that all University furniture must remain in the room and cannot be moved from campus.

If you are a first-year student just entering WSU, you will receive your Warrior ID card when you check into your residence hall room.  Off-campus students and Transfer students can contact the Campus Card Office to pick up your Warrior ID card.

Roommate information will be available to view online in mid-June. Since many changes and cancellations may occur before that time, we strive to give you the most accurate roommate information available at the time. In some cases, your roommate could change after you are initially notified.  If this occurs, the change will be reflected online and you will have the opportunity to contact your new roommate.

Depending on which type of bed you have, it is either 13.5" or 14.5" from the floor to the bed frame. There is a support bar under the middle of each bed that is 10.5" from the floor. A storage unit measuring less than 10.5" tall would work the best.

There are many things to do in Winona and around campus such as: hiking, biking, sand volleyball, rollerblading, Disc Golf, golfing, watching movies, swimming, shopping and much more!  In the Winter, there are also opportunities to go sledding, skiing, ice skating and snow shoeing, to name a few.

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Resident Assistants (RAs) plan many activities within the residence halls, but there are also many opportunities available to students through campus clubs and organizations.  There are activities on campus free and open to all students nearly every night of the week.

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You may break your housing agreement at any time, however, your housing agreement is for the entire academic year and certain penalties will apply depending on when this occurs.  Please contact the Housing Office to inquire about cancellation fees if you are considering terminating your housing agreement.