Loft Information

How Do I Request a Loft Extension Kit?

All rooms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to a height of 3 feet without a loft extension kit. All requests submitted by August 1 will have their loft delivered to their room, unassembled, by August 19. If you want to request a loft after the August 1 deadline, you will need to notify your RA/CA upon checking into your room. 

NOTICE to students living in Sheehan Hall and Lucas Hall: You will NOT need to go through this loft reservation process. You will already have a loft placed in your room, unassembled, and will automatically be charged the $100 loft rental fee. If you are living in Sheehan or Lucas and do NOT want a loft, please email our office with your Name, Warrior ID and room number.

Bed Dimensions

Conway & Lucas Bed Details:

Height: Lowest = 2 ins off ground
Highest (Without loft) = 3 ft off ground
Highest (Lofted) = 6 ft off ground
Length: 83 in (6.92 ft)
Width: 3 ft, 2 in

All Other Building Bed Details:

Height: Lowest = 2 in off ground
Highest (Without loft) = 3 ft off ground
Highest (Lofted) = 6 ft off ground
Length: 83 in (6.92 ft) from end to end of the bed frame, and 75 in (6.25 ft) on the inside of the bed frame
Width: 3 ft, 2 in

General Information About All Lofts

  • It is strongly recommended that students contact their roommate(s) to discuss loft needs and wants for their specific residence hall room.
  • Remember, all University furniture must remain in your room.
  • All lofts must be returned before a student checks out of their residence hall room. Failure to return a loft when indicated may result in charges issued to the student's account. Please watch for loft return information at the end of each semester.
  • Because the inside of the bed frame is 75 in, we would recommend that any futon that a student wishes to purchase be no longer than 73 in long.

Per your signed housing agreement, you have agreed to the following "proper use" regulations when renting and using a loft:

  • Safety bar use is required for all loft/bunk beds.
  • Student will assemble and use all of the rented items only in accordance with the instructions provided.
  • Student will make no alterations, additions or changes to the bunk bed/loft. All extra bed parts must be stored in the student’s room.
  • Student is responsible for disassembling and returning the loft to the predetermined location.
  • If loft is not returned at the appropriate location and time, an improper return fee will be assessed to the student. If the loft is damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear due to student’s own negligence, misuse or for any other reason, student will pay to repair such damage.
  • The use of the loft/bunk bed will be at the sole risk of the student. The student hereby releases Winona State University from all liability resulting from any use of the loft/bunk bed.
  • All charges will be billed to student accounts by the 10th class day. If the student wishes to return their loft with a refund, the return must take place within the first 10 days of class.


How much does it cost to rent a loft?

Loft rental fees are $100 for the academic year. All loft charges will be applied to your student account.

Where can I pick up my loft?

If your loft was requested prior to August 1, 2014, your loft extension kit will be placed in your room, unassembled for August 19, 2014.

How can I cancel my loft request?

If you decide you no longer want a loft, please email our office at with your name and Warrior ID.

Loft cancellations between August 1 and September 8 will be charged a $10 restocking fee. If you decide to return your loft after September 8, 2014, you will be charged the $50 semester rental fee.