Maria Hall is one of 3 residence halls on our West Campus; approximately 14 blocks west of the WSU Main Campus. Students will be part of a unique and exciting community that is different from students living on the Main Campus. Students who live in Maria Hall enjoy the feeling of “going home” at the end of their day. There are many opportunities for leadership, academic advancement, and social activities through West Campus Programming. Students living in Maria Hall have access to several amenities located in Lourdes Hall, such as the Lourdes Dining Center, fitness center, indoor swimming pool, and technical support center.

Maria Hall is a co-ed residence hall and has space for approximately 240 students who are primarily first-year students. Maria is a four floor residence hall, with floor lounges and study rooms on each floor. Maria Hall is known for its extensive lounge space on the main floor and lower level. Maria is connected to Lourdes Hall through an underground tunnel.

Maria Hall is made up of primary double rooms and 7 single rooms. Every room is equipped with carpet, a sink, a window, cloth curtains, medicine cabinet, a built-in dresser, as well as a trash bin and recycling bin. Each student will also have a large built-in closet, a built-in desk, desk chair, night stand, and an extra-long twin bed and mattresses. All rooms have phone and cable hook-ups and wireless internet access.

The lighting in the room is placed above the sink and above the desks. It is highly recommended that extra lighting be brought by students.

Basic Double Room Dimensions: Width 11' 5" Length 17' 5"
Basic Single Room Dimensions: Coming Soon!
** The dimensions listed above are not exact for every room, some variations occur.

Maria Room 

Maria Room

Floor Lounges

Each floor in Maria Hall has a floor lounge for student to gather in. These lounges are often used for floor meetings, floor movie parties and floor cook-outs. It is quite common that each lounge is decorated by students on the floors in accordance with a theme, such as a movie theater or Hollywood stars. All floor lounges include a large utility sink, toaster, a small fridge, a microwave, a TV/DVD player and furniture for lounging.

Maria Floor Lounge and Kitchen

Main Lounge

The main lounge of Maria Hall is a large open area with comfortable couches for lounging, tables and chairs for studying, large wall of windows for enjoying the view of the bluffs and a fireplace. The main lounge is used for large group meetings, studying and kickboxing classes. This area also holds the building printer, where students can pick up their printouts.

Maria Main Lounge

Front Desk

The Maria Hall front desk is located just inside the main entrance. This desk is open during the majority of daytime hours by residence hall desk assistants. During the night hours, the area is staffed by security guards. At the front desk, students can check out kitchen equipment, games, sporting equipment, tools and equipment for the recreation tables in the lower level.

Maria Front Desk


The lower level of Maria Hall includes large lounge areas for studying and relaxing. In these lounges there are three pool tables, two big-screen TVs, one regular sized television and table-tennis. There are comfortable chairs for relaxing, as well as tables and chairs for studying.

Maria Basement


Also located in the lower level of Maria Hall is the laundry facility. There are 7 washing machines and 7 dryers. Laundry is included in your room rates, so there is no need to pay for each use. The lower level is the ground level, which provides a direct exit to the Maria Hall Parking Lot. This is the door most commonly used for students who drive to and from campus.