Moving In

We are very excited for you to join our Community of Learners here at Winona State University! Please take some time to review the following information in order to make your move to campus go smoothly.

Roommate Information:  Beginning June 15, you will be able to view your roommate assignment and your roommate information online using your e-services page.  You will need to know your StarID and password in order view this information.  We encourage you to contact your new roommate before arriving to campus and communicate about who will be bringing which items or just to get to know each other.

Because of many new housing applicants and cancellations over the summer, roommate information changes frequently. We recommend checking your roommate information occasionally before the start of the semester.

You and your Roommate(s):  We find that many students have never had to share a bedroom with anyone else, so it can be an adjustment living with someone else for the first time.  All students have certain needs and expectations about living with a roommate and it is very important to communicate those expectations with your new roommate(s). 

The key to any positive relationship is open communication about likes and dislikes and coming to an agreement all roommates are comfortable with.  It is important to go through this process even if you know the person you will be living with, rather than assuming you don't have anything to communicate about.  Your Resident Assistant (RA) will provide each resident with a Roommate Agreement in order to assist students in starting conversations with each other.


We encourage you to talk with your roommate about which items you each will bring to campus. This will help avoid the duplication of some items.

There are many items you are allowed to bring to campus, but there are also some items you will need to leave at home.

Arriving to Campus:
When you arrive to Winona State University, you can go directly to the residence hall you are assigned to live in to pick up your room key, Warrior ID and fill out necessary paperwork.  There will be Welcome Crew volunteers in purple t-shirts assisting with traffic control and handing out a temporary parking pass for your dashboard.  There will also be designated 20 minute unloading zones that will allow you to unload your vehicle.  Once your vehicle is unloaded, we ask that someone from your group park it in a University parking lot away from the residence halls or on one of the streets surrounding campus. 

Map of WSU Campus Parking Lots (PDF)

The following parking lots on Main Campus will be designated as Unloading Zones for students moving into the residence halls on August 19th: #4, #5, #7, #30, #31, #32, and #33. 

Once your vehicle is unloaded, you may park in any of the following lots: #1, #3, #36, #37, #38, #39


Quad (Conway, Richards, Morey-Shepard) and Prentiss-Lucas Hall 

  • Richards & Conway Halls: Traffic flow will go South on Winona Street and turn West on Sanborn(8th) Street.
  • Prentiss-Lucas & Morey-Shepard Halls: Traffic will continue on Winona Street and turn West on King (9th) Street to unload. 
  • Once your vehicle is unloaded, we ask that you exit onto Huff Street and park in another University parking lot.


Sheehan Hall and Kirkland-Haake Hall

  • Sheehan & Kirkland-Haake Hall: Follow Huff Street to Lot #32 or #33, which are designated as 20 minute unloading zones. Once your vehicle is unloaded, we ask that you exit and park in another University parking lot.


Lourdes or Maria Hall

  • Maria Hall: Unload vehicles in the parking lots surrounding Maria hall. Once you are done unloading your vehicle, please move it to the street so other students are able to unload their vehicles.  Please follow Welcome Crew volunteers and signage regarding traffic flow and parking once your vehicle is unloaded.  
  • Lourdes Hall: Unload vehicles on Gould and Howard Streets that surround the building. Once you have unloaded your vehicle, we ask that you move it to a location further from the building so other students are able to unload their vehicles.


Please avoid parking on any green space in order to maintain the beauty of our campus.

When to Check-In:  
First year students will move into their residence hall room on Aug. 18, 2015. The residence hall doors open at 9am. The busiest times are generally around 9am and 1pm.  

We encourage returning students to begin moving in on or after Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015.

Students in the East Lake Apartments and Sustainability House can move in beginning Aug. 15.

To help with your move, there will be several volunteers including students, staff, faculty, administration and alumni to assist you. Welcome Crew volunteers will be wearing purple shirts and helping you with parking, traffic control, checking into your room, and moving things. If you need any assistance on move-in day, feel free to ask a Welcome Crew volunteer!

WSU Welcome Crew 

Welcome Crew greeters

All students living in the residence halls are required to be on a meal plan, with the exception of students living at the East Lake Apartments and Sustainability House. There is a 75 Block Plan available for students living at East Lake or the Sustainability House as well as any student living off campus who would like to be on a meal plan. If you are interested in a 75 Block Plan, please stop by our office in Kryzsko Commons, 235.

The first regular meal served will be dinner on move-in day.

Meal plan change requests can be made at the Housing Office, 235 Kryzsko Commons.  The last day to lower your meal plan for fall semester is Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015.

All students living in the residence halls will have a mandatory floor meeting at 6pm on move-in day.  Watch for signs posted on your floor regarding the time and location of your floor meeting.

Parking on move-in day:  In order to make the moving process easier for everyone, there will be 20 minute drop-off zones around all of the residence halls on move-in day.  As you enter campus, you will be given a temporary parking pass that needs to be filled out with the student's information and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle.  As you are escorted into an unloading zone, Welcome Crew volunteers will be ready to assist with unloading your items.  Once your vehicle(s) are unloaded, you will be asked to park in another area of campus to make room for students arriving after you.

Parking Permit:  If you choose to bring a car to campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit.  Beginning June 15th, you may apply for a parking permit. You must know your hall and room number before applying!

Billing statements are available to students online.

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