Students play video games together in a dorm room.

Residence Halls

Students at Winona State University have several different housing options.

First year students are housed in one of our traditional residence halls Lourdes, Maria, Tau, Sheehan, Prentiss, Lucas, Haake, or the Quad (Conway, Richards, and Morey-Shepard). These halls have traditional double rooms, single rooms, triple rooms, and suite-style rooms available.

Upperclass students, sophomore and above, and transfer students have the option to live in any of the traditional residence halls or they may choose to live in our on-campus suite-style (Kirkland-Haake Hall) or apartment-style halls (East Lake).  Upperclass students also have the option to apply to live in our Sustainability Theme House.

Morey-Shepard was most recently renovated in Summer 2012.  Updates included fire and sprinkler systems, an updated front desk area, carpeting, and new room furniture (beds, mattresses, desks, and desk chairs).

Richards and Conway Halls were recently updated in Fall 2011. Updates included new furniture, carpeting, lighting, bathrooms, etc.  Both Richards and Conway have sinks in the rooms.  

Each residence hall has a front desk that serves as the “hub” of the residence hall. The desk is staffed by student workers living in the residence halls and is open for the majority of the day. There are limited hours on the weekends and during break periods.

The front desk staff is trained to be a resource to students living in the residence halls. The front desks offer a variety of services for students such as network printing, equipment rental which includes kitchen supplies, games, snow shovels, etc. Students can pick up packages from their hall front desk as well.

Students may check out equipment at the building of his/her residence.  A Warrior ID must be provided for the checked out item(s).  Damaged or unreturned equipment will be charged to the student who provided his/her Warrior ID.

Common areas such as hallways, recreation rooms, lounges, restrooms, and kitchens are an integral part of community life.  Students must help in keeping these areas clean and in good repair.  No one is allowed to sleep or dominate these areas since they are for the use of the whole community. 

Disrespectful use of common areas may result in the loss of privilege to use the space.  Lounge and common area furnishings may not be removed from its location.  Students are expected to clean up the space after they have used an area.  Any item(s) left in a common area will be disposed of within 24 hours.

For the safety of all students, kitchen facilities provided within the residence halls should be used by students when preparing food. Appliances with exposed heating elements (toasters, hot plates, toaster ovens, etc.), air conditioners, candle warmers, and halogen lamps are not allowed in residence hall rooms.

The following are allowed to use within the residence hall rooms:
Refrigerators (up to 4.5 cubic feet)
Microwaves (700 watts or less)
Single Serve Coffee Maker (no heating elements)

Any additional kitchen appliances may be used in the residence hall common kitchens only.

East Lake students are allowed to use appliances, but only in the kitchen.

Please refer to our loft information here.


Each room has an assigned mailbox which is located in the front lobby of each residence hall. To mail something to your student, please use the following format:

Student Name
Residence Hall & Room #
Residence Hall Street Address
Winona, MN 55987

The mailing address for each residence hall can be found by going to each residence hall page.

Students are encouraged to check their campus mailbox often as this is one way the University is able to relay important information to students.

Each room provides free cable and high-speed Internet. Internet service is provided through an Ethernet port for each student. The academic campus is 100% wireless, which includes the study spaces within the residence halls, but does not include each individual residence hall room. Students are not allowed to use their own wireless modems or routers. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for specific policies regarding Wireless Access Points.

Telephone - Local Service:  WSU has limited, basic telephone service, allowing local or toll-free calls.  The following steps are required to make calls from your room:

For off-campus calls:  Dial 9, wait for a dial tone, then enter the 7-digit number.
For on-campus calls (another residence halls room or WSU office):  dial the last 4 digits of the number.

Note:  You are strongly encouraged to have a telephone with an answering machine in your room as this is the only way University personnel can contact you.

Telephone - Long Distance:  The easiest and most convenient way to make long distance calls from your room is to use a calling card.  Please note that collect or third-party calls cannot be accepted or charged to your room telephone.

Do not:
Use bypass codes (example:  1010321)
Use the operator to make third-party calls, or complete calls that are billed to your residence hall phone number.  WSU will bill you for any charges occurring on a WSU telephone bill.
Accept collect calls
Make 800-number calls that change to 900-billed calls
Call your telephone company and request the company be your equal access provider or provide you with direct long distance dialing.

Telephone Repair:  Before you call for repair, make sure your phone equipment is not the problem; test your phone by plugging another phone into your jack.  When you are satisfied there is a problem with your telephone line, call the Technical Support Center at extension 5240 so a repair order can be created.  Also, call 5240 for other telephone problems or general questions on your WSU telephone service.

Each hall has laundry facilities for student use.  Currently there is no charge for laundry.

Please notify the hall front desk of any mechanical failure involving the laundry machines.  

All laundry facilities are equipped with LaundryView technology.  LaundryView is an Internet application that allows students to monitor the status of washers and dryers in connected laundry rooms through a Web browser. 

The Theme House and each apartment at East Lake is furnished with a washer and dryer.

Every student living in the residence halls on Main and West Campus is required to be on a meal plan through Dining Services . Students can choose from the 7, 10, 14, or 19 meal plan.

 *Note: Students that choose the 19 meal plan will not be able to participate in Chartwells optional Dining Dollars Program in the spring semester.

Students living at the East Lake Apartments are not required to have a meal plan because each apartment has a full-service kitchen. East Lake students do have the option to be on a meal plan, and can sign up for one at the Housing Office, 235 Kryzsko Commons.