Loft Information

How do I request a loft extension kit?

Students living in:  Conway, Richards, Morey-Shepard, Sheehan, Kirkland/New Center West, Tau-Maria, Lourdes, East Lake or the Sustainability Theme House 

  • Wooden loft extension kits can be rented for the academic year.
  • The cost of a wooden loft extension kit is $100 for the academic year and will be billed to your student account within the first 2 weeks of the semester


These rooms are furnished with beds that can be adjusted to a height of 3 feet without a loft extension kit.

All requests that were submitted by August 1st will have their loft delivered to their room, unassembled, by August 20th.  When you check into your room, you will need to fill out and sign a loft agreement form.  The $100 rental fee for the year will be applied to your student account within the first 2 weeks of the semester.

If you are wanting to request a a loft after the August 1st deadline, you will need to notify your RA/CA upon checking into your room.

You can cancel your wooden loft extension kit by contacting our office or your RA after you are moved in.  Cancellations must be made by Monday, September 9, 2013 in order to receive a full refund.

Students living in: Prentiss-Lucas

  • Lofts can be rented online at
  • Reservations must be submitted by July 28th in order to be delivered to the room, unassembled, prior to move-in day.  
  • Payment for these loft extension kits are to be paid at the time you order through  
  • Rental information and questions can be directed to or (866) 651-5638.

Loft rental fees will be assessed at the time of loft rental. 

General notes about all lofts

It is strongly recommended that students contact their roommate(s) to discuss loft needs and wants for their specific residence hall room.

Remember, all University furniture must remain in your room.

All lofts must be returned before a student checks out of their residence hall room.  Failure to return a loft when indicated may result in charges issued to the student's account.  Please watch for loft return information at the end of each semester.

The provided safety railing must be used for all lofts/bunks within the WSU residence halls.

Can I construct my own loft?

Students may construct and/or bring their own loft from home; however, students must adhere to strict loft construction guidelines set by the University to ensure student safety. In addition, any non-University loft must be approved by residence hall staff on move-in day.

Futon Purchases

Students in all of our residence halls interested in purchasing a futon, can do so at

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