Dental Insurance

The state offers two dental plans.  The State Dental Plan, administered by Delta Dental and Health Partners State of Minnesota Dental Plan, administered by Health Partners.  Both dental plans provide comprehensive coverage that includes many preventive (periodic examinations, x-rays, cleanings, etc.) and corrective (fillings, restorative crowns, root canals, extractions, etc.) services. 

Additional Dental Insurance Information

Benefit Information: Helpful information from the State website discussing your dental insurance benefits 
Benefits Schedule (PDF): Breakdown of dental deductibles for various provisions 
Rates (PDF): Breakdown of monthly costs of dental plan benefits

Dental Insurance Carriers
Delta Dental
651.406.5923 TTY
888.853.7570 TTY

Health Partners
8170 33rd Avenue S
PO Box 1309
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1309
952.883.5127 TTY

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