Position Descriptions

Classified Positions
Classified Position Descriptions - (AFSCME, MAPE, MMA, MNA, Managerial Plan) (pdf) - Provides an overview, examples, and FAQs regarding the process of writing a Classified Position Description.
Unclassified Positions (ASF)
The process used to assign new ASF positions to a salary range and to review and, where appropriate, change the salary range assignment of existing positions when substantive changes in duties and responsibilities occur is described below:
Submission Procedure:
  1. The supervisor and employee must complete and sign the Position Description (Unclassified ASF PD Form) and Position Analysis Questionnaire (Position Analysis Questionnaire Form).
  2. Attach an updated organizational chart and memo from the supervisor outlining the change.
  3. Submit all documents to Human Resources.


Unclassified Position Description Informational Packet - (PDF) - Provides multiple resources to assist in the process including an overview, key aspects, terminology definitions, the administrative procedure, examples, employee/supervisor checklists, tips and FAQs regarding the process of writing an Unclassified Position Description.

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