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Winona State University offers a variety of choices for study away, from short-term to a semester or longer. We encourage you to research all your options to find the program that best suits your educational, professional, and personal goals. Some important questions to consider as you weigh your program options:

  • Are you interested in a shorter period (e.g., a Travel Study), or a semester or even academic year of international or domestic study away?
  • Which program is the best fit for your specific major/minor, or do you want to study something entirely different?
  • What countries or regions of the world most interest you?
    What are your academic and personal reasons for choosing to study away?
  • Do you want to improve your skills in speaking another language?
  • What is your budget for study away program costs? (Remember your financial aid can be applied to the study away program.)

Study Abroad

Travel Study

Programs are full semesters and occur during the fall, spring, or summer semester.
Programs are 2-8 weeks, depending on the program. Shorter programs occur during semester breaks.
A variety of options for earning credit is possible. Credits transfer back to WSU.
Specific WSU faculty-led courses are taught at the travel destination.
Independent experience: students live in the host environment for an immersive cultural experience.
Group travel: students travel with WSU faculty and students. Trip is planned and organized in advance.
Cost varies by program.
Cost varies by program.
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