Graduate (Master Degree) Students

Application Requirements

1. Complete the WSU Graduate Application for Admissions.

2. Assure Admissions Polices for graduate students.

International Students must also submit:

3. Complete the WSU International Student Application for Admission.

4. Original Bank Statement(s) with a minimum balance of $14,500.00 US dollars. Bank statement(s) or Verification of Deposit(s) must be dated within six months of application date, must be originals, and should include information such as back information, balance, currency, name of the person.

5. Original letter from sponsor stating relationship, financial commitment, and willingness to sponsor you.

6. Photocopy of passport, recommended.

*WSU encourage applicants to submit certificated true copies when originals are the only copies. All documents for admissions become property of WSU.

*Official academic records should be issued directly by your school, college, or university or certificated by a legal organization, such Education USA ( Documents must be in a sealed envelope and must bear an official stamp.

*Submit an official English translation if original document is not in English.

*If you are currently studying in the US as a F-1 student, you must fill out a Transfer Recommendation Form and send it in with your application materials.