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Scholarships for International Students

Winona State offers world-class education with the tremendous value of public university cost.  International students are also eligible for several scholarships.  The Cross Cultural Scholarship is available to all admitted international students.  The Presidential Honor Scholarship is offered to first year students (freshmen) only, in recognition of their academic excellence. Transfer students who meet the academic requirements can apply to the Transfer Student Scholarship


Cross-Cultural Scholarship

The Cross-Cultural Scholarship is available to all international students who qualify for admissions to Winona State University and hold an F-1 Student Visa. This scholarship is equivalent to the difference between the resident rate of tuition and the non-resident rate of tuition. Since tuition is based on a tuition band, the amount of the scholarship for the Academic Year of 2014-2015 is valued at an estimate of USD $5,500.00 based on 24-36 semester credits. View the Cross-Cultural Scholarship requirements (PDF).

The Cross-Cultural Outreach Program from the International Services Office at Winona State University (WSU) offers a variety of cultural learning experiences for children, college students and adults in Southeastern Minnesota. These experiences involve direct person-to-person contact with international students and provide a variety of hands on experiences.

The Cross-Cultural Outreach Program is a vehicle for bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who might otherwise never come to know and appreciate one another. The philosophy of the International Student Program stems from the idea that international students are valuable resources. Through this program, international students are encouraged to be resources, to challenge stereotypes, and to teach the population of Southeastern Minnesota about other cultures.

Application and Renewal Process

You do not need to submit a separate application (PDF) for the Cross-Cultural  Scholarship. All admitted students are awarded the scholarship.  An award  letter clarifying the details of the scholarship is sent to you with the  I-20 form at the time of admission.  The scholarship is renewable for 9  semesters based on your meeting the following criteria. 

  • Complete 3 Cross-Cultural Outreach projects during the academic year (2 minor projects and 1 major project)
  • Maintain the GPA required by the degree program.

This scholarship is renewable based on meeting specific criteria by the advertised deadline.

The above criteria are subject to change at the discretion of the University. 

The Cross-Cultural scholarship is a substantial source of savings for international students.


Presidential Honor Scholarship

Presidential Honor Scholarships at Winona State University are designed especially for International Student freshmen with no transfer credits. Students must provide Original TOEFL or SAT score to be eligible for the Presidential Honor Scholarship.


TOEFL (Paper)

TOEFL (Computer)

TOEFL (Internet)


SAT Score

Annual Award

























There is no application to complete for the President Honor Scholarship. The scholarship is offered based on the test scores you submit your application for admissions to Winona State University.  Students who are awarded the Presidential Honor Scholarship will receive an award letter clarifying the details of the scholarship with the I-20 form.

Scholarship Policy

1. Must be an entering as a freshmen with no transfer credits

2. Must be a full-time student (complete a minimum of 12 credits per semester)

3. Must maintain a 3.50 cumulative grade point average at the end of each academic year

4. Must live on-campus in WSU residence halls during the freshman years

5. The earning of prior collegiate credit may limit renewability of this scholarship to fewer than eight semesters

This scholarship is renewable based on meeting specific criteria

Scholarship Acceptance

After admission to the University, students wishing to accept a PHS must send a letter of confirmation to the Director of International Services within two weeks of the date on the award letter. Because WSU wants to distribute all scholarship monies, failure to inform WSU of your desire to accept the scholarship will result in Winona State awarding the scholarship to another new student.


Transfer Scholarships

$500 scholarships are awarded to transfers students with 30+ credits & cumulative college GPA of 3.35 at the time of application to WSU.  Scholarship application forms are mailed to qualified students.  Apply for this scholarship by Nov 1 for the spring term and May 1 for the fall term.