Inviting Family Members to Visit the U.S.

Information about the Visitor's B-2 Visa

If you are graduating soon and would like to invite your parents or other family members to attend commencement, here are some suggestions to help them apply for a visitor's visa (B-2) at a US consulate or embassy in your home country.

  • Write a letter of invitation. In your letter include the following information
    • purpose of the visit
    • your relationship to the individuals
    • your status at Winona State University
    • The length of time they will be visiting
    • Itinerary of the visit
  • Include an Enrollment Verification Letter from the Registrar’s Office to confirm your student status
    • Provide details of the Commencement Ceremony
    • Request a graduation announcement letter by completing this form

For additional information about U.S. consulate/embassy locations and application procedures, review the U.S. Department of State visa information.

Providing your family members with a letter of invitation may help their chances of obtaining a visa. However, there is no guarantee a visa will be issued. The success of the applicant's request for a visa lies in their ability to prove that they have no intention of staying permanently in the U.S.