Wednesday, February 19, 2014, is the WSU Assessment Day.

Participate in Assessment Day activities and help us understand how we are doing!.

What is Assessment Day?

Assessment Day is a campus-wide opportunity to gather information on how well the University is doing in meeting our mission to create a community of learners improving our world.  All classes that meet before 3:30 p.m. (except labs and classes that meet once per week) are cancelled on Assessment Day in order to allow students time to engage in assessment activities hosted by departments and units around campus, participate in the ETS Proficiency Profile assessment, and complete on-line the annual Assessment Day Survey.  

What happens on Assessment Day?


  • The Assessment Day Survey To view your personal surveys, please click here.

    All students who complete all the surveys will be eligible for prizes including WSU Gold Parking Passes, WSU/UCR Bookstore Gift Certificates, Fitbits and keyboard covers for iPadmini. 

    To take the surveys, go to the Current Students My WSU webpage and find the individualized Assessment Day Survey Invitation. This Assessment Day Survey Invitation will include links to several surveys.  (Note that each student receives a different set of surveys.)  Please complete all the surveys for you to become eligible for prizes!  Most of the surveys take less than 5 minutes each to complete. The information gathered through these surveys will be used to improve students’ educational experiences at WSU. 
  • ETS Proficiency Profile (for First-Year and Senior students) 
    Pre-registration required.  To pre-register, please click here.

    • 11-12 noon or 1:30-2:30pm on Winona Campus – Please bring your own laptop.
    • Session 1. Thursday, February 27, 3pm – 6pm in SH202 on UCR campus
    • Session 2. Friday, February 28, 9am – noon in SH202 on UCR campus
    • Pizza treat after the assessment
    • All freshmen who participate in this assessment activity will earn early registration privilege.  
    • All participating seniors will be eligible for cool graduation gift prizes (i.e., cap & gown certificates, WSU portfolios, or WSU pen and business card holder set).  

    The ETS Proficiency Profile is a nationally benchmarked assessment designed to gather information about students’ writing, reading, critical thinking, and mathematical skills. After a 40-minute on-line assessment, individual students will receive the assessment results. Your participation in this assessment will provide the university with valuable information on student learning outcomes, particularly in relation to the General Education Program. 
  • Additional Assessment Day Activities for Majors/Minors
    Check with your department to see how else you can participate!

Win prizes for participating in Assessment Day activities!

In a hurry? 

All students who completed all surveys on Assessment Day will be entered into a drawing for one of the following prizes: Three WSU Gold Parking Passes ($195 value each), Five Fitbits ($100 value each), Seven Keyboard Covers for iPadmini ($80 value each), and Nine WSU Bookstore Gift Certificates ($50 value each). 

All students who participated in the ETS Proficiency Profile assessment are invited to Free Pizza soon after the assessment session.  In addition, First-Year Students who participated in this assessment activity will be eligible for Early Registration while participating Seniors will be entered into a drawing for one of the following graduation gift prizes of your choice: Cap & Gown Certificate, WSU Portfolio, or WSU Pen and Business Card Holder Set ($30 - $45 value each, 50 prizes in total).


Students who complete all the surveys before March 31 will be entered into a drawing for one of the Three WSU or UCR Bookstore Gift Certificates ($50 value each). 


Some instructors may also choose to award extra class credit for completing the Assessment Day Survey; check with your faculty to see if this applies to you!

Questions? Email us!