Looking for information about Assessment Day 2014?   
Winona State University has a long and rich history of assessment and evaluation of student engagement and learning outcomes. 

To support the campus-wide efforts to improve curricular and co-curricular programs as well as student services for students’ successful completion of academic endeavors, WSU Faculty Senate established the Assessment Day in Spring 1998. On the Assessment Day, all classes scheduled before 3pm are canceled. Instead, students as well as the faculty and staff engage in various assessment activities. In 2014 over 40 on-line student surveys are administered through Qualtrics, collecting students’ voices on their academic and social experiences at WSU. First-year and senior students are also invited to participate in the ETS Proficiency Profile assessment, which is used to assess some of the General Education student learning goal areas, including reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematical skills. In addition, the faculty uses this day to plan and implement assessment plans for disciplinary programs as well as for the General Education program.

As new tools continue to become available for the collection and analysis of survey data, including broad adoption of nationally benchmarked surveys such as the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), assessment activities at WSU will continue to evolve. Beginning in 2009, WSU became a member of the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) and has agreed to administer the NSSE to first-year and senior students every other year. Pending the completion of a review of the University Studies program, started in 2009-10 by the Faculty Senate’s Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee (A2C2) and slated for completion during the 2010-11 academic year, WSU will identify which of the three student learning outcomes assessments approved for use in the VSA will be administered in 2011-12.