WSU 2011: HLC Reaccreditation Documents

WSU Assessment Guidelines

  1. The purpose of the academic assessment program is to support and improve student learning by developing methods to
    • articulate the goals of each academic program and support service,
    • gain feedback on each unit's progress towards achieving those goals, and
    • use the feedback to modify the academic programs and support services to ensure that the goals are effectively achieved.
  2. There are many valid approaches to quality enhancement, including the use of both quantitative and qualitative assessment measures. The faculty and staff of each academic program and support service area will identify or create assessment methods and instruments appropriate to their specific programs or units.
  3. Student assessment will not be used as entrance or exit requirements from academic programs.
  4. Quality assessment results are for the exclusive use of WSU. The integrity and level of support for campus-wide quality assessment requires that the confidentiality of the data be maintained.
  5. Academic assessment data will not be used to make comparisons among faculty, departments, colleges, or other units within the university. Comparisons between current and previous performance of a unit is appropriate.
  6. Assessment data will not be used for faculty or staff evaluation and, in particular, will not be used in making retention, tenure, and promotion recommendations or decisions by supervisors or administrators. Individuals may choose to use assessment data compiled on their own classes or services for documentation purposes.
  7. The faculty and support service staff will receive assistance and financial support to implement their individual program/service quality enhancement and assessment programs.
  8. Quality improvement is a long-range process. The goal for each program and service area is to establish and implement systems for ongoing program assessment.