Assessment Day 2009


The WSU Bookstore received a 81% approval rating from 2751 responding WSU Students. 18% of the students giving a disapproval rating did not indicate the reason for their dissatisfaction of services.  Besides the multiple number of comments regarding textbook pricing, students cited available hours and policies (31% each) as their major concern.

Over 84% of our students realize the WSU Bookstore is owned and operated by the University but only 52% had knowledge that any profits generated by the Bookstore benefit students directly through scholarships and programs

29% of students responding appeared not to have knowledge of or had visited the WSU Bookstore website. Students who had used the site gave it an 89% approval rating.

Textbook reservation received a 54% approval rating which is constant from last year.


Textbook pricing has been and will remain the primary concern for students in respect to Bookstore assessment.  Many students continue to suggest rental as a solution.  There are many elements in the rental program that require a coordinated effort from administration, faculty, students and institutions to be effective for all parties. Although the Bookstore would be an active player in the rental program the WSU Bookstore does not have decision or implementation status. Rental programs are not non-dollar programs.  Funding needs to be available to purchase material and distribute and maintain inventory. Many discussion have been had with student senate and other groups on campus to continue to investigate a type of rental system for at least some course work. Until that time the Bookstore will continue to campaign for faculty to get requisitions in a timely fashion so that students can receive better buy back value for their material and try to obtain as much used material as possible. 



The Bookstore has extended hours for the beginning of the semester which include hours prior to the beginning of the semester for textbook reservation pick-up and extended evening hours.  The Bookstore website provides shopping services 24 hours a day. The Bookstore has added store hours from 9am -3pm on the first and third Saturday of the month unless there is a connecting holiday. When available, Bookstore staff will open prior to our 8am start time to accommodate those last minute scantron shoppers.


We are assuming that concerns over policies are in reference to return policies. The date is set in accordance with the last day to drop and add class for full tuition refund. Student should be aware by that time what courses material they have purchased which they may no longer need.

Many students become upset when they feel material they have purchased is not needed or used in course work and it is past the date to return.  The Bookstore documents for students the required or optional rating that faculty have indicated on their requisition and have no control as to how that material may or may not be used.

Opened or used material is not returnable at any store unless it is defective. Also customers must always have receipt or proof of where the material has been purchased. This is the same policy that the WSU Bookstore documents on the receipt given to each customer and through out the store.

The date for terminating the use of students loans is connected with the disbursement of financial aid.  The later date for financial aid is the major reason the student loan exists.  The cut off date gives the business office just 24 hours to submit documentation of loans and returns before financial aid is deposited into student accounts. Those students not receiving financial aid have the option to include loan balances with their tuition payment plan. 

Assessment Day 2008


The WSU Bookstore received an 85% approval or satisfaction rating from a total of 1690 students who responded to that question.
Dissatisfaction cited by the 255 students who responded result from:

44% had issues with the WSU Bookstore policies.

24% with Bookstore hours.

22% with product range.

14%/6% with helpfulness of staff/facilities.

Despite some written comments of dissatisfaction with the textbook reservation program, the overall assessment results show that 54% of the 1878 students indicated they participated in the program and 45% indicated that they would participate again.

Only 46% of 1860 students realize that the profits generated by the WSU Bookstore are returned to the University for student scholarships and University programs.


The WSU Bookstore will always continue to work toward cost effective means for students to obtain academic material. We realize probably better than most how much textbook material has increased.  We continue to try to work with faculty to obtain textbook requisitions in a more timely fashion to enable us to buy back more texts from students and obtain more used material from outside sources.

We will continue to inform students of the options available to them to obtain and disburse of text material. Information material on textbook subjects such as the cost, buy back, and guides for purchasing are displayed and can be obtained at the WSU Bookstore customer service area.


    1. Policies: We are assuming the return and book loan policies are the issues noted. The return policy is short but it is in line with the schedule to drop or add classes.  By this time students should know what classes they are in and therefore know what material they require.  We are inquiring with the business office as to what can be done to extend the book loan. The dates for the loan are established to allow balances to be posted before financial aid arrives.
    2. The Bookstore has expanded hours during the beginning of each semester and is open during major events on campus.  We are currently working to expand regular hours to two Saturdays a month.  This involves union contacts and recruiting employees to change work hours.
    3. Product range is difficult to determine because everyone is looking for something unique to them. If students have a special need we request that they voice that need and we will do our best to accommodate them.
    4. The WSU Bookstore staff is continually instructed that it is their responsibility to provide helpful and friendly customer service.  Training sessions are available to staff and we will continue to mandate training.  We are hoping that dissatisfaction documented is from actually actions of the staff and not dissatisfaction from hearing information that was not to the students favor. All students are encouraged to contact the Bookstore manager when they believe they have received rude treatment.

We continue to make changes to our textbook reservation program.  Besides box distribution improvements we are working hard to encourage faculty to submit earlier requisitions so that all textbooks will be in on time for distribution during the textbook reservation process.

We will continue to try to make contact with both students and faculty to inform them of the services and goals of providing timely and cost efficient academic materials to Winona State students.

Assessment Day 2007


The price of textbooks continues to be an issue with students. **This past year the Minnesota legislature has also taken issue with the rising cost of textbooks in the educational environment.**


The WSU Bookstore has worked with state representatives and major participates of the new proposed "Minnesota State Textbook Legislation" to assist in finding solutions to the rising cost of textbooks. The legislation centers around timely acquisition of course material to ensure the opportunity for students and college stores to research cost and availability of material. Winona State Bookstore hosted a conference of college bookstores to discuss and investigate ways to expand and comply with the proposed textbook legislation.

The WSU Bookstore continues to work with faculty to receive textbook requests in a timely fashion to ensure us the ability to research sources for used / less costly material. This is one of the first steps to enable us to have available the correct and less costly material for students. Last minute orders prohibit us the time and resources to research for options. We continue to work with used distribution centers and book representatives for required material and search for alternative distributors which issue discounts.

Assessment Day 2006


The price of textbooks was the major complaint connected with the responses about the bookstore.


The solution to this issue is out of the hands of textbook retailers. At the WSU Bookstore we continue to spend the energy and time to resource as many used distributors as possible. Used texts are less expensive and have the same buy back value as new. The Bookstore is also on a committee with the student senate and faculty members researching the topic of textbook pricing.
We encourage students to become more informed on the details of textbook pricing by reading the pamphlet available at the customer service areas of the WSU Bookstore entitled "Why Do My Textbooks Cost So Much?"

Assessment Day 2004


The price of textbooks was the major complaint connected with the responses about the bookstore.


I am sorry to say that the price of textbooks is directly out of our control. Textbooks are marked at a 20-23% margin from the cost. In the retail environment this is a low margin. To help further explain about the cost of textbooks the Bookstore distributed a pamphlet published by the National Association of College Stores titled "Why do my textbooks cost so much?!" during fall rush. Hopefully this pamphlet will give the students some insight on the cost of textbooks. We also have a supply of this publication at the registers for students to pick up at any time.