Career Services

Assessment Day 2008


1.  Events:  On Assessment Day 2008, 35% of the respondents or 1995 individuals indicated they had participated in Career Services sponsored events such as on campus interviews with employers, Job Fair, Camp Fair, Career Fair, Ed Fair, Government Fair, Mock Interviews, Etiquette Dinners, Workshops, etc.  Of those participating, 91% were satisfied overall.  A concern expressed by 32 people was that the employer participants did not interest them; five people said the date/time of events was a concern; and four people were not able to get interviews. 2.  Website:  1939 students indicated they used the Career Services website.  Of those, 51 people were dissatisfied with searching for jobs/internships; 22 were dissatisfied with the content; 19 with access to EZLink; five with uploading documents, and 2 with the menu bar.


    1. Employer diversification - we are constantly adding new employers to our invitation lists in order to diversify the fields represented. Dates and times of events - we try to find dates and time that are varied, that meet the needs of employers, availability of space to hold events, and when the majority of students can participate.  For those four students who were not able to get an interview, the decision is, of course, up to the employer; however, we do offer one-on-one advising in Career Services to help you prepare yourself and your marketing package to secure interviews.  We would be happy to meet with you individually.
    2. The website has undergone a total revamping since Assessment Day was held.  We had focus groups of students, of faculty, and sought employer feedback in designing the new look and feel of the website as well as content.  We hope you will find it more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Assessment Day 2007


On Assessment Day 2007, 89% (409 of 461 respondents) gave Career Services an overall 'satisfied' rating. 11% of students (52 of the 461 respondents) had concerns with:

48% of the 52 were dissatisfied with the helpfulness of the staff

21% of the 52 were dissatisfied with the quality of services available

15% of the 52 were dissatisfied with the range of services available

90% or 479 of 530 respondents rated the Career Services events as satisfactory. 10% of respondents (51 of 530 students) with concerns:

69% of the 51 were dissatisfied with the employer participants not being of interest to them

84% or 456 of 542 responding rated the website as satisfactory. 16% of 86 respondents had concerns with:

40% of the 86 respondents were dissatisfied with searching for jobs/internships

24% of the 86 respondents were dissatisfied with the content


Career Services overall - We have updated the new staff orientation for all student staff and full time staff; all staff had at least two opportunities for professional development training during the academic year as well as multiple team building opportunities. All students who use Career Services one-on-one appointments are asked to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey which has consistently resulted in a 99% satisfaction rate. We seek feedback from students at all special events and are reviewing our range of services based on the feedback received.

Career Services events - We are continually updating and expanding our mailing lists to invite a wider variety of employers to our events; we also work with faculty to seek out additional employer contacts they may have for their respective majors. We continue to survey students who attend events for feedback as well.

Career Services website - We have a Career Advisory Committee made up of faculty who consulted with us this year on revising our website; we used student focus groups to seek input both in Rochester and Winona, and we asked faculty, employers, and students to test the new site which was deployed in December 2007. We also have a class which will be doing a usability survey of the site spring semester 2008. The site was re-designed to be more user friendly and to make it easier to search for jobs/internships.

Assessment Day 2006


Overall, the students responding were 92% satisfied.

For those 29 students who had concerns, they included the long wait to get to see a career counselor; wanting to have all of the jobs posted on the website including part time and internships; events not available in Rochester.


We have added a staff member in Winona and a half time staff member in Rochester to assist students which should reduce the wait time for appointments; we have collaborated with Financial Aid and the Business Office Student Payroll Division to include postings on our website for student help, work study on and off campus, and we are also posting part time jobs in addition to the full time professional positions and internships all on our website; we have also implemented one-click searches which makes it easier to find the type of positions you are looking for; we have a staff member available in Rochester now who is providing services to students, staff and faculty on site.

Assessment Day 2004


On Assessment Day 2004, 797 students responded to questions related to Career Services. Of those, Career Services received a 94% satisfaction rate, with 51 respondents, or 6%, indicating some level of dissatisfaction. 

33% of the 51 were dissatisfied with the helpfulness of staff 

31% of the 51 respondents were dissatisfied with the range of services 

24% of the 51 respondents were dissatisfied with the quality of services 

10% of the 51 respondents were dissatisfied with the website 



We have been surveying students who use Career Services to assess the helpfulness of staff and the quality of services offered. From January 2004 through November 2004, we have a 99.6% satisfaction rate. We will strive to maintain that level of service while trying to add new services.

We regularly assess students who attend events sponsored by Career Services: Those attending the etiquette dinner are overwhelmingly satisfied; those attending Career Fair have indicated they would like more variety of exhibitors. We invite approximately 1000 employers and graduate schools from all disciplines, and then make follow-up phone calls to encourage participation from potential exhibitors in fields that are under-represented. We will continue to work on diversification. We are also changing the hours and moving the Fair to a Wednesday in order to allow more students access to the Fair. In our survey, many reported that having the Fair on a Tuesday made it difficult for them to attend and that they wanted it scheduled later in the day. We are trying that for Career Fair 2005, so be sure to attend and let us know what you think!

We have been upgrading our website and will continue to do so. It is an ever-evolving process. If you are unable to find something career-related that you would like to see on the website, we are certainly open to suggestions. Simply email them to us at: or stop in Career Services, 110 Gildemeister, and tell us. We value your input.