Counseling Center

Assessment Day 2008


On Assessment Day 2008 students rated the Counseling Center with an 88% overall satisfaction and a 89% satisfaction with personal counseling and 90% satisfaction with crisis counseling.

Areas of concern seemed to be hours of availability of professional staff as well as some concern regarding facilities.

Other areas of concern were the number of sessions available for each student and the lack of service to our Rochester students.


We now have a counselor on "walk in" Monday through Friday during the business day.  There is no need of an appointment.  This makes at least one professional faculty member available every day for students who are needing immediate service.

We have moved to the Wabasha Building which is giving us confidentiality in our lobby that we didn't have in our old location.

We are also working to provide accurate information to students regarding our brief therapy model and not limiting to number of sessions each student can have.

We are also addressing the Rochester Campus and working with administration on what the Counseling Center will be able to  provide to students in Rochester.

Thank you for providing us with your concerns.

Assessment Day 2007


On Assessment Day 2007 students gave the Counseling Center an 88% (285 of 323 respondents) approval or satisfaction rating. The 12% or 38 students expressing some kind of dissatisfaction cited the following reasons:

8% of the 38 were dissatisfied with Crisis Counseling.

8% of the 38 were dissatisfied with Personal Counseling.

16% of the 38 were dissatisfied with the availability of Professional Staff.

13% of the 38 were dissatisfied with the hours of availability.

5% of the 38 were dissatisfied with the office staff.

5% of the 38 were dissatisfied with the facilities.


We now have someone on "walk in" or "crisis" every day (Monday through Friday)available for students. The Chair is "on call" through the Security Department during evenings and weekends for extreme crisis situations.

We have on staff five full time counselors--four females and one male for students to choose from.

Professional staff are available during the working day and appointments are made the day the student comes to the Counseling Center.

We have a full time professional staff person as our Office Manager who responds to the needs of our students.

We will be making a temporary move to the Wabasha Building next Fall 2008. This move will allow more complete confidentiality and more space for groups, presentations etc. This is temporary until the new Wellness Center is built. In the Wabasha Building we will be on the same floor as Health Services which will be excellent for our students who would like to use both services.

Assessment Day 2006


On Assessment Day 2006 students gave the Counseling Center an 88% satisfaction rating. The 12% of students (37 out of 275 respondents)that were dissatisfied cited the following reasons:

46% with number of staff

16% with hours of availability

14% with range of services

14% with office staff

5% with facilities


We were able to increase our staff this year so we now have one more full time counselor available for students. This means the number of hours of appointment time has increased. With five full time counselors, students have even more variety of trained, skillful counselors to choose from. We are also able to offer "walk in" hours all five days of the week.

We have further trained our office staff to improve response to students.

We are actively working with the University to get the expansion of the Memorial Hall moving forward. When this is accomplished the Counseling Center will be located in the new Wellness area of this expansion which will improve our facility 100%!

Assessment Day 2004


On Assessment Day 2004 W.S.U. students gave the Counseling Center a 92% (895 of 972 respondents) overall satisfaction. The 8% (77 of 972 respondents) that were dissatisfied cited the following:

9% dissatisfied with the facility

27% with the hours of availability

42% with a staff member

16% with the range of services available


The comments and suggestions regarding the facility are excellent. With the plan of the new Wellness Center these concerns should be corrected.

We now have 1/2 day crisis every day so we are available to meet the needs of those students who are in "self-defined" crisis immediately.

We have three full-time staff members and currently have a 4/5 time fixed term staff person. Students have four different professionals to choose from. If their first counselor is not working well for the student, they can choose to see someone else.

Some of the concerns regarding limited staffing are being addressed through the New University. It has been recommended that we add two full-time staff members. If funds become available, we will search and add those positions.

The range of services will also be addressed with the addition of staff. We have over 8,000 students with only three full time professional staff. We must do short-term therapy and are not able to meet everyone's needs because of the number of staff we current have.

We look forward to improvements in all of the areas of concern and appreciate the student feedback.