Fitness Center

Assessment Day 2008


  1. The location at Wabasha Hall.  Many found it to be inconvenient due to its off campus location.
  2. Cardio equipment needs. Wanting more cardio equipment and to expedite the fixing of equipment when it breaks down.
  3. Issues with Lourdes fitness center and RCTC fitness center.
  4. Some had concerns about our current hours and would like to see them change.


  1. Wabasha Hall is currently being utilized as a temporary facility.  We had a location in Maxwell but when the remodel of Maxwell came about we needed to find a location that could meet an 8,000 square foot minimal need.  There were no locations on campus that could be considered.  Wabasha Hall, albeit not a perfect location does fit the need. 
    We will soon be breaking ground on a new Wellness Complex.  Within this complex will be a fitness center with 12,000square feet for a free weight and machine area as well as a 5,000 square foot area for cardio equipment and a run/walking track.  This space will be more than double the current area.
  2. Cardio equipment is a double edge sword. When the weather gets cold outside we will never have enough but when the weather is nice outside we always have plenty.  Each piece of cardio equipment cost on average $4,500 and will have a usage expectancy of about 4 years or less before needing to be replaced.   Compare this with the average piece of free weight or machine costing about $2,000 and lasting upwards of 10 years and you can see that the cardio is very expensive.  When the new Wellness facility is completed we are looking to have approximately 70 pieces of equipment compared to about 25 in our current location. 
    Maintenance in our cardio is also a difficult issue for the following reasons.  We have a contract with a company from Minneapolis to fix our equipment (there is no one in the area that has this ability).  When a piece is disabled we must put in a call to them and it can be several weeks before we can be fit into their schedule.  Not a scenario that we care for but one we currently must live with.
  3. Issues with Lourdes fitness center, RCTC and others on campus.  We only have control over the Wabasha hall facility all others are run either by the housing department or RCTC campus separately.\
  4. We have had discussions about increasing the fitness center hours.  We are currently open 90 hours per week but will consider this option.

Assessment Day 2006


The Fitness Center is currently going through a transition period. We are in the midst of moving from Maxwell to Wabasha Hall so the re-construction of Maxwell can occur. With this transition we will still need to assess our ability to increase our equipment numbers. If we have the ability we would like to add more cardio equipment. Every year we have seen the greatest increase in cardio equipment over any other aspect or types of equipment. This trend will continue, but everyone must also be aware that there will be a significant increase in cardio usage in the months of January, February and March. We are very aware of the spike in usage and the difficulty in meeting this usage increase that we incur during this timeframe. Our numbers of pieces are limited in part to the limits in overall space that we have. The best answer to this space shortage is the possibility of constructing a New Fitness Center. There are some steps already underway at Winona State University and we would like the input of students to be sure that we are meeting your needs. As the driving force to a new facility your thoughts on design and overall support of a new facility is crucial in the realization of that goal.

Assessment Day 2004


Our usage numbers have continued to grow. Our annual usage is now over 106,000 persons per year. With this great response we will continue to have greater number of challenges with our space availability. Cardiovascular equipment continues to be an area that has heavy traffic. We have continued in the acquisition of more equipment coupled with the replacement of some older pieces that required to great amounts of maintenance. We have also been able to rectify the electrical needs that had plagued us in adding new equipment.

Our greatest piece that we hope to add will be the new fitness center. The project is making its first of several rounds though the MnSCU planning system. Best case scenario is a possible ground breaking in summer 2006. There is still much work to be done on this project but we are underway and very hopeful.