Parking Services

Assessment Day 2007

On Assessment Day 2007, WSU students gave parking services an overall percentage of 47% (658 of 1402 respondents)approval or satisfaction rating. The percentage of students that were dissatisfied or didn't respond cited the following reasons:
63% were dissatisfied with the availability of parking lot spaces 14% were dissatisfied with the parking permits 12% were dissatisfied with the cost of a citation 11% were dissatisfied with the quality of the parking lots 3% were dissatisfied with the parking staff

WSU is continuously looking to add parking spaces to both the Main Campus and the West Campus. In the last year there has been approx. 25 spaces added to the 24 hour Overflow lot on the corner of Main and Sarnia Streets; 250 spaces added with the demolition of the Lincoln School on the corner of Sarnia and Huff Streets; 11 spaces were added with the demolition of a house on the corner of Mark and Hilbert Streets on West Campus; and a plan to add 37 spaces behind Maria Hall next summer.
With the number of students living in the residence halls on both Main Campus, West Campus & East Lake versus the number of available spaces, there are always going to be some students who feel they have to walk too far. If anyone has any input on how we could better designate the parking spaces currently available, please contact me at Your input would be much appreciated.
The 14% that were dissatisfied with permits indicated that the cost of a permit was too expensive. Many years parking permits have not had increases to off-set the increases in many other areas.
Students expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that a West or East Lake permit cannot be used on Main Campus. That would mean that some individuals would be able to have two spaces available to them for the price of one. With the lack of parking on all of our campuses that just would not be viable.
The 12% that were dissatisfied with the cost of a citation possibly are not aware that our citation amount has only been increased once since 1991, when permit parking was established. We are considerably lower than most universities.
The best answer I can give the 11% who were dissatisfied with the quality of our parking lots is that each year we have a budget amount for preventive resurfacing measures which are done each summer to keep WSU lots in the best possible condition.
We now have all students with permits who live in the residence halls on Main Campus in an email distribution list which is making it possible for us to email each permit holder when snow is going to be removed from certain lots. The snow removal policies for Main Campus, West Campus and the East Lake Apartments will be updated in your student planner/handbook and in the parking website for next year.
My answer to the 3% who were dissatisfied with the parking staff, in the future please email me at, so your concern/s can be heard.

Assessment Day 2006

West Campus Availability:
Most of the concerns pertaining to parking on the West Campus were with the parking in the Tau Tan Parking lot. Students did not feel they should be asked to move their vehicles for conferences as many times as had happened. Nor have to buy a permit for the Main Campus Overflow Lot, if they didn't want to risk parking on the city streets.

Lack of Spaces/Too Many Cars:
There were several suggestions made for WSU to look into a parking ramp. Also, have more short-term parking available closer to the Bookstore and the Library to make it possible for students to frequent these places for a short time.

Ticketing and Towing:
Most of the concerns regarding ticketing and towing seemed to be having a lack of knowledge of where/where not to park and for how long.

Permits (Cost/Oversold)
Permits are too expensive and there are too many permits given out for the North Silver lots. Sell only the number of permits for spaces that are available.

Clearly Marking Permit Areas:
No lines are clearly marked in the Overflow Lot on Main and Sarnia Streets.

West Campus Availability:
At the current time nothing is going to change pertaining to the Tau parking being reserved certain days for conferences. Students who purchase a Tau Tan permit pay $75 instead of the $135 that other residence hall students pay to park in the 24 hour lots. Information was requested on how many days the Tau Tan Lot was closed for conferences Fall Semester 2006. It was six days in September, five days in October, two days in November and one day in December. If incorrect information has been given to the Parking Office, anyone with different numbers please contact the Parking Director at

Lack of Spaces/Too Many Cars:
WSU is looking into building a ramp with a new residence hall. Hopefully, we will be hearing more about this soon. WSU will acquire the Lincoln School building located on one city block by June 2007. This will add approximately 200 to 250 parking spaces until the property is used for a new building. Short time parking by the Bookstore and the Library was an excellent suggestion. There are four parking meters in the Huff Street Kryzsko Silver Lot for short-time visits to the Bookstore. The Parking Committee will be asked to consider four spaces in the Minne Purple Lot for short-time visits to the Library.

Ticketing and Towing:
For questions pertaining to ticketing and towing please contact the Parking Office in the Sheehan Hall Lobby or email me at

Permits (Cost/Oversold):
The cost of permits are within the same range as comparable universities. Students get to use a parking space 24/7 for $135 per year. If this is compared to other costs where commuters pay $90 to $205 and are not on campus 24/7, the price seems to be within the correct range of other permit costs.

Clearly Marking Permit Areas:
Posts and ropes have been put up in the gravel Overflow Lot on Main Street and Sarnia Street to help mark rows. I hope that this next summer the gravel portion of the Purple Lot on Main Street can be asphalted.

Assessment Day 2004

On Assessment Day 2004 students gave parking services a 69% of some level of dissatisfaction (1118 of 1899 respondents)on parking overall.
72% of the 1118 respondents were dissatisfied with the availability of parking lot spaces.
22% of the 1118 respondents were dissatisfied with the parking permits.
18% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the fines.
10% were dissatisfied with the quality of the parking lots.
5% were dissatisfied with the parking staff.

Winona State is constantly looking for ways to create more parking spaces. Within the last year and one half Winona State has added approximately 80 parking spaces on the corner of Main Street and Sarnia Street by buying houses and demolishing them. These new spaces increased parking availability for commuters and made it possible for the 32 spaces on the corner of Mark Street and Main Street to be available for resident hall students for 24 hour parking. The permits for these spaces were given to resident hall students who applied after the summer process which ends July 15 of each year. Students who had applied for their parking permits before July 15 were given spaces as close as possible to their resident halls.
Two years ago the silver lots on main campus were broken down into North silver and South silver. This has created a permit system where a high percentage of students who live in the QUAD or Prentiss-Lucas have first chance at the North silver permits.
To improve the quality of parking lots Kryzsko Commons parking lot was totally renovated last summer. Also, the lot on the corner of Mark Street and Main Street was asphalted and striped.
There will be changes made for the next school year with the permit parking system at the East Lake Apartments. A meeting has been scheduled for the latter part of February to discuss permit parking at East Lake.
Signage and a meeting recently with students who use the Tau Center Parking lot, hopefully, will have an impact on better parking for the rest of this school year and for next school year for Tau Center permit holders.