Student Resource Center

Assessment Day 2008

Overall, the 97% satisfaction rate was very positive for the Student Resource Center (formerly known as the Student Answer Center). In the individual categories, 1% of the 1435 respondents indicated staff friendliness at fair; the remaining 99% were rated average or above; Accuracy of responses had a 97% satisfactory response with 3% of the 1377 respondents indicating fair or poor; Hours received a 96% favorable response with 4% of the 1361 respondents indicating fair or poor; 94% indicated that the Website information was helpful, 6% of the 781 respondents indicated it was fair or poor; 90% of students were satisfied with the Study Abroad information, 10% of the 937 respondents rated it fair or poor; An area of concern was with the Response Timeliness which rated 45% satisfaction and 55% of the 2045 respondents indicating fair or poor.

For 2008-09, we have combined the former Student Answer Center and the Student Union Desk into the Student Resource Center; we have redesigned the website and added links to the greater community, expanded hours, and added services to include evening technical support. To enhance timeliness of responses, we have added the "ASK WSU" feature to provide more extensive resources for students, families, and the general public; if questions to "ASK WSU" are not responded to within seven hours, the questions are escalated to bring attention to additional staff for a more timely response. For Study Abroad, we provide the basic, front-end information; however, the Study Abroad Office has now been established and handles the more intricate details and questions.