Why are there fewer surveys than last year?

You may have noticed that the Assessment Day survey was shorter this year than in the past, and that you were asked about fewer areas of campus. This was done to ensure that the voices of our students were not being drowned out due to survey fatigue. In reviewing response data from past years, we noticed a distinct pattern of fatigue in student responses that resulted in less complete and fewer thoughtful responses; it’s clear in looking at the data that many students reached a point at which they were just “clicking through” to get to the end. In order to combat that fatigue, we made changes to the sampling approach used for Assessment Day. You can read more about what changes were made this year and why here.

Each student was invited to complete a different set of surveys, but the total number of surveys was not reduced; in fact several new surveys were added this year. We did not remove surveys about Krueger Library or the Integrated Wellness Complex, for instance, but you may not have been one of the students randomly selected to complete those surveys. Again, as described here, each survey was still administered to WSU students in keeping with standard and accepted survey methodology to ensure representativeness of our students.

WSU offices value and welcome our students’ voices year ‘round, not just on Assessment Day. I encourage you to provide your feedback for any campus areas or services that were not included in your set of Assessment Day surveys directly to those areas or services. Alternatively, if you would prefer your comments to be forwarded without your name attached, you can send them to us at Assessment_RSVP@winona.edu and we will forward them appropriately.

If you have feedback about the Assessment Day survey, please feel free to contact me directly at THinds@winona.edu; your comments will be considered as we evaluate the changes we made this year and plan for future Assessment Days.

Thank you for your participation in making WSU and even better place to live and learn!






Teri Lyn Hinds
Director of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research
Winona State University