Tutoring Services

Assessment Day 2008

On Assessment Day 2008 WSU students gave Tutoring Services a 91% (981 out of 1074 respondents) satisfaction rating. The 9% of students that were dissatisfied cited the following reasons:
  • 35% were dissatisfied with the availability of services
  • 33% were dissatisfied with the tutors' competency/effectiveness
  • 16% were dissatisfied with the range of services
  • 10% were dissatisfied with the advertising of services
We have expanded the Supplemental Instruction program to serve a wider range of majors by include Physics 201 and 202, Chemistry 350 and 351, and Accounting 212.
We have purchased new web scheduling software to allow students to more conveniently make appointments for one-on-one tutoring.
We have made steps towards including tutors from other programs/departments, such as the Math Achievement Center, in our tutor training program, which is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Assessment Day 2006

On Assessment Day 2006 WSU Students gave tutoring services a 93% (687 out of 739 respondents) satisfaction rating. The 7% that were dissatisfied cited tutor competency/effectiveness and availability of services as their main concerns.

The Advising Department, which houses Tutoring Services, has recently added two part time staff persons to assist in the coordination of tutor services. Tutoring capacity has increased dramatically over the last two years, as we have increased the number of student/tutor contacts by over 200%. We have also added supplemental instruction in addition to our walk-in and by-appointment tutoring services. These increases have been made possible with additional L21 funding, which we first received in 2005-2006 and have received again for the current academic year.
As we add to our staff of peer tutors, tutor training becomes even more important. We are developing new tutor training programs and techniques and are placing more emphasis on the training of our peer tutors.
Recently we were able to move the main home of peer tutoring, the Academic Assistance Center, into a larger room in Krueger Library. The new home of the AAC is Krueger Library 206. Tutoring also takes place in the residence halls and in our offices in Phelps and Howell Halls.

Assessment Day 2005

On Assessment Day 2005, 95 out of 860 (10%)students rated tutoring services as unsatisfactory. Almost half (49%)of those who were dissatisfied indicated that the reason for their dissatisfaction was "tutor competency and effectiveness." This was up from previous years. In contrast, fewer students found fault with "availability of services" and "range of services," most likely due to the fact that tutoring services have been enhanced in those areas in the last year.

In order to increase tutoring services capacity, we have used a larger number and variety of tutors. To ensure that these tutors are adequately prepared, we are instituting a new tutor training program. Beginning Spring Semester 2006, tutors and academic assistants will be taking a newly designed tutor training course. This was made possible with funding received as part of a Learning for the 21st Century Initiative grant.

Assessment Day 2004

On Assessment Day 2004 WSU students gave tutoring services a 92% satisfaction rating. The 8% that were dissatisfied (87 out of 1081 respondents) were most concerned with availability of services (38%), followed by tutor competency and effectiveness (34%).

The Advising Department has implemented a number of changes in tutoring services after receiving input from students on Assessment Day. One of our staff has been assigned additional duties as the Tutor Coordinator. The purpose of creating this position is to have someone oversee all the tutoring offered by the Advising Department and serve as a liaison with tutoring supervisors in other departments. Consequently, we now have a better picture of the overall breadth of tutoring offered at WSU and can hire tutors for just a few hours a semester to meet any unmet needs (within budget limitations). Another major change is that both appointment and walk-in tutoring is now being offered in the AAC (Library 202). Students who wish to have a one-on-one appointment with a tutor may now contact the tutor in person or by e-mail to request an appointment. This has allowed us to better use the tutor resources and to increase tutor availability. This also allows students to meet with tutors in a location other than the AAC, which is admittedly a crowded space. Finally, the Tutor Coordinator is implementing ongoing tutor training which all peer tutors will participate in. We would like to expand our services even more, but are limited by the resources available. So, our mission is to utilize the resources we do have to give students the best tutoring services possible.