Student Account Verification

The integrity of the official student record as well as the security of our students personal identities is of paramount​ importance to Winona State University. Thorough steps are taken in order to accurately match students with existing internal records and to ensure identities are not impersonated by unauthorized parties.  After being admitted to the institution or program, a student may need to provide additional information to complete the identification process.  This may include Social Security Number, a valid government provided Photo ID, or International travel documents. Students should not be offended if a university employee requests this data of them. It is only used to perform identity verification and to perform initial password resets Once authorized, the WSU provided network username and password becomes their digital campus identity.

Student user accounts provided by WSU must be claimed and have their passwords reset by visiting the following site and following the scenario based instructions.

Scenario 1

Students who do not know their username OR their password must visit the reset site and choose "I do not know my username".  They will be prompted to enter the external email address that is on file with the university for their registration.  Their username will be emailed to this address along with additional directions on how to perform a password reset.  They will proceed on to Scenario 2.

Scenario 2

Students who know their username but need only reset their password will visit the same reset site but choose "I forgot my password". The process will require the student enter their campus username (ie JMStudent13) followed by verification of their personal identity.  This may be done by providing the last 4 digits of their social security number (for US Citizens) or the last 4 digits of their SEVIS ID for students visiting from other countries.  Students who do not have this information on file will not be able to claim a WSU network address and should contact the Warrior Hub​ to complete the data collection process that is required by the password reset utility.