Student Responsibilities

No longer a WSU Student - You Must Return Your Laptop Computer:

Important: If you are no longer taking classes at WSU you must immediately return your laptop to the TSC at Somsen 207. Failure to return the laptop within 5 days of graduation or withdrawal from WSU may result in your student account being billed the full replacement cost of the laptop, along with a $100 penalty fee and accrued semester fees.
Late laptop return fees will begin to accumulate on the first day of the semester,  if a student is not registered for classes but continue to have a WSU laptop computer.  Full replacement costs will be assessed starting the 6th class day of the semester.  

Laptop information for students with Academic Suspension notice

If you will not be returning to WSU for Fall semester, you should make arrangements to return your laptop computer at this time.  Please avoid any extra late laptop return fees by returning the laptop to the Technical Support Center (Somsen 207).

If you are appealing your academic suspension, please be aware of laptop return deadlines.  The deadline for returning your laptop computer is 2 weeks prior to the start of Fall semester.   Regardless of the status of any pending appeal of the Academic  Suspension, the deadline for return of the computer is firm.  Late fees for laptop return may begin after this date, if your appeal is unsuccessful.   

To avoid the chance that late fees are applied you may want to consider returning your laptop now and then contact the Technical Support Center to pick up a laptop computer when your appeal is successful.  


Damaged Laptops:

Students are responsible for the cost of laptops damages or lost components.

Fees charged to students for major laptop damages will such as broken laptop screens, severely damaged laptops, and major liquid spills are as follows:

First Incident: $100
Second Incident: $200
Third Incident: $400
Four or More Incidents: Full cost of damages

This fee schedule will be in place for each laptop rotation period (from the time that they receive the laptop until the time that the laptop is exchanged for a newer model.  When students receive an upgraded laptop model, this fee schedule will start over.

Minor damages such as a minor crack in the case, broken keyboard, broken cable   will not count towards this schedule.  For minor incidents students are charged the exact amount of the repair or replacement.

Damage to Laptop Caused by Others:

Students  are responsible for any damage costs, even if damage is caused by others.


Stolen Laptops:

If your laptop is stolen you should report the theft to local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible. You should ask them for a copy of the police report and turn in a copy of the police report to the TSC. The $500 insurance deductible will be charged to your student account and we will get a replacement laptop for you once the report has been submitted to us.

Laptop Repairs:

All repair issues should be referred to the TSC. If the repair issue involves a warranty issue then the student will not be charged. Students may obtain permission to have their laptop repaired by an authorized repair center outside of WSU, however, this permission must be granted prior to the repair. In most cases seeking an outside repair facility is more costly for the student.

Damage to Laptop Caused by Others:

You are responsible for any damage costs, even if damage occurs as others are using your laptop.


One semester leave of absence application to retain laptop and/or tablet device


The Digital Life and Learning Program may grant students the opportunity to retain their WSU electronic devices (laptop and tablet) for a one semester leave of absence from WSU.    This extension may be granted as an exception to our program and Will Not be extended beyond one academic semester (Fall Semester or Spring Semester).  If the student retains the laptop or mobile device, they will be billed the usual Digital Life and Learning fee for the semester and Must pay this fee.
If there are outstanding unpaid Digital Life and Learning fees on the students account this request will be denied and the laptop and mobile device must be immediately returned.  Permission to keep the DLL devices during the semester leave is not granted until this form is reviewed at the Technical Support Center and a confirmation email is sent to the students WSU email account.

Completing the application form does not resolve or remove late fees that have been applied to the student account for failure to return the device(s).

If a student is granted permission to keep the device for a semester leave, they MUST be registered for classes one week prior to the start of the next academic semester.  If the student fails to meet this deadline they will be considered in default of the Digital Life and Learning contract.
To complete the application, print out the form from this link, LOA Request, and return it to the Technical Support Center:  Technical Support Center, Winona State University, 175 West Mark Street, Winona, MN  55987.


Laptop information for students doing Study Abroad,
Internships, or Student teaching away from WSU

Students that are enrolled in study abroad, an internship away from campus or student teaching for a semester are Not required to have a laptop computer unless specified by the instructor.

Please check with your instructor or advisor regarding the laptop requirement.  If your instructor/advisor does not have a laptop requirement you have two options:

Option 1:  Keep your laptop computer during your semester away from campus. 
If you decide to keep your laptop computer your student account will be billed for the semester laptop fee.  Before you leave it is very important that you notify the Technical Support Center of your situation and your intention to keep the laptop.

Option 2:  Return your laptop computer to the Technical Support Center before you leave and before the semester begins.

Note: We do not hold returned laptops for the semester.

Since you are not required to have a laptop computer, returning the laptop to technical support will result in a removal of the semester laptop fee if it is returned Before the semester begins.

Technical Support and laptop service while away from campus:
If you keep your laptop during your semester away from campus, you are still eligible for technical support.   Please contact the Technical Support Center to understand your technical support options while away from campus

Important Note: 
If your study away from WSU is your last semester before graduation, please contact the Technical Support Center for information regarding laptop purchase options for graduates.  You may be eligible for discounted fees.