Student Responsibilities

Academic Status Impacts eWarrior Program

Not taking classes

You must return your mobile devices to the Technical Support Center (Somsen 207) within 5 days of graduation or withdrawal from WSU. After 5 days, your student account will be billed the full replacement cost of the laptop and tablet and accrued semester fees.

If a student is not registered for classes and has not returned their laptop or tablet, late return fees begin accumulating on the first day of the semester and will increase incrementally up until full replacement costs are assessed on the last day to drop courses with a refund.

Academic suspension

Students on academic suspension notice who will not be returning to WSU the following semester should return their laptop to the Technical Support Center (Somsen 207) to avoid extra late mobile device return fees.

Intent to return 

You may be able to retain your WSU laptop and tablet for a one semester leave of absence. An extension will not be granted to students with unpaid eWarrior program fees. If your fees are paid up, you may submit an Intent to Return Request to the Technical Support Center.

  • You can keep your WSU mobile devices and receive support services for one academic semester
  • You must pay the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning semester fee
  • You must register for classes one week prior to the start of the next academic semester or you will be considered in default of the eWarrior Digital Life and Learning contract 

Note: An intent to return application does not resolve or remove late fees that have been applied to the student account for failure to return mobile devices on time.

Study Abroad, Internships, Student Teaching

Check with your instructor or advisor to find out if you are required to have a WSU laptop or tablet. If your instructor/advisor does not have a laptop requirement you have two options:

Option 1:  Keep your laptop and tablet during your semester away from campus. Your student account will be billed for the semester eWarrior fee.  Please notify the Technical Support Center of your situation and your intention to keep the mobile devices, and they will explain your technical support options while away from campus.

Option 2:  Return your laptop and tablet to the Technical Support Center before you leave and before the semester begins. The semester eWarrior fee will be removed from your account. If you don’t return the mobile devices before the semester begins, you will be assessed a fee based on the date they are returned.
Note: We do not hold returned laptops for the semester.

Graduating seniors:  If your study away from WSU is your last semester before graduation, please contact the Technical Support Center for information regarding early laptop purchase options for graduates. 

Damaged, Lost or Stolen Devices

Damaged Mobile Devices

Students are responsible for accidental device damages or lost components and will be assessed fees as detailed in the eWarrior Technology Agreement. Fees are not charged for repairs covered by warranty. Fees will be charged for damage such as cracked casings, broken screens and liquid spills. Fees increase incrementally with each incident during the two-year lease period. Students will be charged the exact amount of the repair for minor incidents such as a crack in the case or a broken keyboard. Students are responsible for all damages to their mobile devices, even if the damage is caused by others.

WSU offers Safeware, an optional insurance and warranty protection plan for laptops, tablets and power cords that protects against accidental damage, liquid spills and submersion, power surge, and 100% parts and labor.

Note: Students may obtain permission to have their laptop repaired by an authorized repair center outside of WSU; however, this permission must be granted prior to the repair.

Stolen Mobile Devices

Report stolen laptops or tablets to local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible and request a copy of the police report. Turn in a copy of the police report to the Technical Support Center, and you will receive a replacement laptop or tablet.

If you have a Safeware insurance plan, the Technical Support Center will submit a claim on your behalf. If you do not have a Safeware plan, a $500 insurance deductible for laptops and the full replacement cost for a stolen tablet will be charged to your student account.